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Add a new npc your game

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AI related mods also do not have permission in any form to use my mods and I do not give permission to anyone in any form to use the content created by me to power AI generated anything.

Be aware, that this mod adds new objects to your game. Installing it mid-save may "shuffle" and JA items you have installed, giving them incorrect names. To avoid this issue, remove custom items from your inventory and containers by trashing or selling them, BEFORE installing Nikolai. This will prevent the shuffle from happening.

The entrance to Nikolai's property is located near robins! See the photos in the media section for an example. 

Greif is a force that few can withstand. And it was grief that drove Nikolai from his happy home on the islands to Pelican Town. Discover the reason behind his sadness and uncover a deeper struggle that Nikolai keeps hidden beneath the surface.

Marketpalooza is a charity festival on the 3rd of Fall.

The festival is located in the secret woods.

You can buy a lot of different items from the custom shops that you usually couldn't.

You can attend the festival once you've visited the secret woods at least once &  after you've received the invitation letter on summer 27th.

 If you've problems getting your letters please try the following

You can download EVENT REPEATER and copy paste the following commands one by one into your smapi console.

eventforget 48825
eventforget 48826
eventforget 48828 
eventforget 48829
eventforget 488211

By using event repeater youll reset the mail flags and they should send normally afterward. 

You must use event repeater before the 27th of summer to reset the Marketpalooza letter. 

That command is listed above but ill put it below too just in case.

eventforget 488211 

1. Ensure you have the latest and correct SMAPI 
2. Install the requirement's listed in the requirements tab.
3. Download this mod and Unzip it.
4:Delete the old version of the mod.
5: Drop the new version of the mod inside your mods folder.

Yagisan's Custom NPCs for NPC Map Locations

Loves: Jade, Coconut, Arrowhead, Fried mushroom,
Hashbrowns,  Pancakes

Likes: Beet, Eggplant,
Rhubarb, Garlic, Dish O' The Sea, Cranberry sauce, Seafoam Pudding

Dislikes: Cookie, Miner's treat, Red cabbage, Pumpkin

Hates: Duck Mayonnaise, Void Mayonnaise,
Clam, Goat Cheese, Algae Soup, Pomegranate,  Bug meat

        Nikolai's Property/6am-12pm/sunny/1 hearts

Animal shop/9-10am/sunny/must be spring/2 hearts

Forest/6pm-9pm/snowing/must be winter/3 hearts

Nikolai's Property/7pm-9pm/must be the 1st of summer/3 hearts

Saloon/Must have gotten letter/sunny/5-8pm/any season/4 hearts

Mountain/8-11pm/winter/snowy/5 hearts

Nikolais house/9-10pm/any season/rainy/6 hearts

Hospital/rainy/10am-12pm/8 hearts

BusStop/Must have gotten  the club letter/11pm/9 hearts

Nikolais Property/6am-12pm/sunny/must be married/14 hearts

Loves: Tuna, Shrimp, Lobster

Likes: Sashimi, Trout Soup, Crispy Bass

Hates: Eel, Sea Cucumber, Salad, Garlic

Neutral: Joja cola

Forest/Sunny/6am-12pm/any season/1 hearts

JojaMart/Rainy/10am-4pm/any season/5 hearts - Joja mart cant not be abandoned or completed

Beach/Rainy/4pm-8pm/any season/6 hearts

Nikolais Property/Sunny/7pm-9pm/any season/6 hearts

Nikolai's Property is no longer located near the town map.
His land's property is no just below Robin's house, in the image above there's a arrow showing the location.

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Boxy's walksprites by 7thAxis (Axell)
Can't touch me by David Renda

Duck duck goose by David Renda

Too crazy by David Fesliyan

I was Joking by David Fesliyan

Festival Shop Data by MJA1981

Spanish Translation by alexochoa2020

                                                                                                           Russian Translation by Pet9948 admin of Lastrium
                                                                                                             Chinese translation by Herienseo