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A Patch Collection for Ryn's Mehrunes Dagon Shrine I made for personal use and figured I'd share. All I did was move some objects to logical places so they're no longer floating really.

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I made a half dozen patches (that have since grown to a lot more) for Ryn's Mehrunes Dagon's Shrine and now I'm sharing them with you. This is my first Nexus upload so please bear with me. Please bother me if you have an issue with my patches not the original mod authors. These patches were made by me ChickenMike and not Ryn2g. All lighting changes from the original mod have been forwarded and all plugins are .ESL flagged .ESPs so they won't take up a place in your load order. 

To quote robertgk2017 "Modding is illegal post character start." You might be able to get away with it if you haven't entered the interior of the shrine yet but this is neither recommended nor supported. 


(See screenshots for exact item locations, or don't and be surprised I'm not your dad)

Amulets of Skyrim SSE - Moves the amulet to the arm of the throne in the first large room. 
Armor and Clothing Extension - Moves a robe from the old part of the cell to next to a chest in the back right of the first large room. 
Bowgasm SE - Puts the bow on the shelf on the left side of the second room. 
Cloaks of Skyrim - Moves the Daedric Cloak to the first shelf on the left side of the second room. 
CROSS_Crucible_SE - Moves the book to a shelf on the left side of the second room. 
Daedra SE - Scatters the spell tomes and scrolls throughout. I put the Clannfear in the hallway between the two rooms. DO NOT USE WITH MY DAEDROTHS SE PATCH.
Daedroths SE - Scatters the spell tomes and scrolls throughout. Check screenshots for exact locations. I kept the two daedroths that ambush the player when they first enter the dungeon because it is a feature not a bug. DO NOT USE WITH MY DAEDRA SE PATCH.
Dremora Markynaz Armor SE - Moves the armor and helmet to the corridor between the rooms. If you're using Dremora Markynaz Armor - My patches and fixes SE by Xtudo make sure you're using the corresponding patch for your version, either the .ESP or .ESL versions respectively. 
Fiendroth Beetles - Scatters some beetles throughout the dungeon.
Legacy of the Dragonborn - Moves the strong box with the Black Band in it to a table on the left side of the last large room and moves the Ancient Daedric Lord Cuirass to sit in the open chest at the very end of the dungeon. This is actually an updated version of Gonzeh84's Patch that I updated with permission. Now with less floor clipping. 
Legacy of the Dragonborn - Hall of Forgotten - Forgotten in History - Places the Book of vile darkness on the second shelf to the left when you first enter the last room. Please note that you should only install this patch if you're using the Forgotten in History add-on from the Hall of Forgotten FOMOD otherwise it will likely break your game. Also if that is the case you didn't need this patch anyhow. 
Locked Chests Have Keys - The chest is in the same place that Ryn had it and the key is in the first room somewhere. I'm not going to tell you but its in screenshots. Load this patch after my Pilgrim and Daedric Shrines patch. 
Lore Friendly Guns of Skyrim - Specifically for the handgun plugin. Moves the gun and the bullet to the shelf next to the enchanting table to the left of the first large room. 
Lux - This patch disables all changes Lux makes to the cell in favor of Ryn's lighting. This is an example of how not to make a lux patch but it is what I am capable of doing and it is better than nothing. That is why I labeled it bad. There is a real Lux patch in GG's discord and will be included in the next Lux update so this is really only a stop gap. 
Mythic Dawn armor SE - Scatters the armor parts throughout the dungeon. I honestly forgot where I put them all but I did screenshot them all so check there. Be sure to use the correct patch for you're version of the mod as there is a patch for both the .esp and .esl versions of the armor. My ESP patch works with both Xtudo's Patches and fixes and tatururutia's HDT-SMP Patch
Oblivion Artifact Patch SE - Moves the ring to the table on the left side of the second large room. DO NOT USE THIS PATCH IF YOU'RE USING THE LEGACY OF THE DRAGON BORN OBLIVION ARTIFACTS PATCH AS IT DISABLES THE RING.
Pilgrim and Daedric Shrines Consistency and Tweaks - Moves the activator to the pauldron at the end of the dungeon and disabled leftover floating objects. I built the patch against the map marker version without Sithis but it has been confirmed to work with all versions. 
Tamrielic Culture - Moves the floating wine to the table on the left of the first room and moves the ingot to the pile at the back of the dudgeon. 
The Cause - Reduced Cut - Replaces Ryn's Oblivion Gate with the one from The Cause at the very end of the dungeon and adds the alter activator thingy to the right of the gate. ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES A NEW GAME. 
Zim's Dremora Improvements - This mod adds several objects. I moved the scrolls to the first shelf on the left of the last large room. The robes to the small shelf in the hallway between the two big rooms and spread the spell tomes out throughout the entire dungeon. If I forgot to mention something here check the screen shots. 


Q:What took longer making the patches or putting the mod page together?
A:The patches but boy does it feel like the other way around. 

Q:Wow these patches sure look complicated to do how did you make them?
A:Truthfully it's not that complicated. It took me like an hour to learn the CK and to be honest you should already know how to use SSEedit. Janquel's guide is an invaluable resource and without it I wouldn't have known where to even start. If I can do it you can too!

Q:Why are your screenshots so bad?
A:I literally haven't intentionally taken a screenshot in Skyrim in my over 1600 hours until the week before I uploaded this. I'll get better hopefully. 

A:Maybe eventually. I currently don't know how and everything I've read has said its a time consuming process. I'd rather get patches out the door then figure out how to improve installation. 

Q:Do you take patch requests?
A:My primary reason for making patches is personal use but if I can make the patch quickly I'll consider it. 

Q:You haven't had any recent activity on Nexus and I need to get a hold of you, how can I do that?
A:@ChickenMike in either Ryn or Janquel's discords and I should see it. I'm also in a bunch of other discords, but I check those two the most regularly.

Q:Why are you missing so many screenshots?
A:I'm lazy and taking screenshots is super tedious and I hate it. 

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Ryn2g for their many wonderful mods and open communication.
robertgk2017 for advice on how to actually upload a patch collection, encouragement and giving me the name of this page. 
Gonzeh84 for giving me permission remake his patch and being a general joy to make patches for. 
Janquel for their excellent guide. I wouldn't know where to start without it. 

SimonMagus616 for Pilgrim
Mandragorasprouts for Daedric Shrines - All in One
Xtudo for Daedric Shrines - All in One - My Patches by Xtudo, Dremora Markynaz Armor - My patches and fixes SE and Mythic Dawn Armor SE - My patches and fixes
FriedBumGooch for Pilgrim and Daedric Shrines Consistency and Tweaks
Zimmermjaz for Zim's Dremora Improvements
fadingsignal for The Cause
TateTaylorOH for The Cause - Reduced Cut
4thUnknown for Daedroths SE, Dremora Markynaz Armor SE, Daedra SE and Mythic Dawn armor SE
jayserpa for Locked Chests Have Keys 
MihailMods for Fiendroth Beetles
Niero for CROSS_Crucible_SE
Enroys for Lore Friendly Guns of Skyrim
Nikinoodles and Nazenn for Cloaks of Skyrim
Watcherzero for Oblivion Artifact Patch SE
Nicoroshi for Bowgasm SE
tatururutia for (Upgrade) HDT-SMP Mythic Dawn Armor Patch
Watcherzero for Tamrielic Culture
GGUNIT for Lux
Bethesda for the Creation Kit and Skyrim
ElminsterAU for SSEEdit
All of these mod authors do excellent work and you should check all their stuff out.