Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

This is a combined .esl flagged plug in of 14 different bows that I have made for Skyrim. Optional file is a non-plug in replacer for nearly all Vanilla bows in game with higher poly models, more realistic shapes, and higher resolution textures.

Permissions and credits
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Two files are included in this download.

The first is Bowgasm which combines 14 different unique item single release bow mods i have made, and released individually.
Flagged as .esl
The second is a AIO non-plug in model, and texture replacer for nearly every bow in game
Use both together or either by themselves.
Details below>>>

Important notes:

Some of the textures for replacers are in the same folders as some of the unique items so alright to let them overwrite if used together.
This was done to help save space, and reduce redundancy of having two copies of the same texture.

If updating from a single release of a unique bow to this combined .esp you will lose that item from your inventory unless you leave the single release plug in active.
If left active it will double the item in game and in the crafting menu.

Uploading an optional file for Nicoroshi Creations 1.7 that does NOT contain Rivendell, Tauriel, or Lothlorien Bows so that people using both mods will not have duplicate items in game or in the crafting menu.

Again be aware that those items if in your inventory will be lost, and need to be re-acquired either where the item was first found or by crafting.

Video of the bows:

Bowgasm SE 1.1



Reason for this mod:

This right here is the end game for this project.
To produce one single .esl flagged plug in that adds 14 new unique bows scattered throughout Skyrim.
All of them using new higher poly models, More realistic designs, and Higher resolution textures.

Also to produce a non-plug in replacer mod for nearly every vanilla bow in game including the DLCs. 18 in all. [EDIT] Make that 19 in all :)

What does this mod do:

This mod combines into a single .esp:

Arctic Wolf
Dragon's Bane
Dragon Longbow
Drow Bow
Mehrunes Talon

Please read individual readthis files included in this download for locations of all the unique items as well as their stats.

Optional AIO file to replace bows in game will replace:
Ancient Nord
Nord Hero
Wooden Longbow

Iron added v1_1 of Vanilla Replacer

Changes/ Updates:

This mod uses the latest files from every single release as of 11/30/2020.
It also includes modified meshes for every bow tweaking the string locations for each one to match with Vanilla structure.

v1.1 Bowgasm .esl  Repaired issue with models not optimized for Special Edition.

Known issues:

If you are using a single release unique plug in and updating to this compilation plug in you will lose that item in your inventory if you disable the single release .esp

Two options:
Reaquire the item
Leave single release plug in active to retain the item in your inventory from the sigle release.
It will only double up the item having both installed at once.


My good friend PhatBassAnchor without whom this mod probably would never have been made for feedback, history, details on bow constrution, play testing, names, and ideas.
Thank you brother :)

Both my doggos Harley, and Angel who allowed me to take pictures of their fur to use as textures on  the bows.
Good Doggos :)


No animals were harmed during the creation of this mod.
They were however spoliled, given treats, pets, and lovin


None without written permission from me first
I can be contacted on the Nexus via PM.

Final thoughts:

This has been a long and fun journey spanning more than a month of work in creation.

I have been successful in changing the face of archery for my game as I had intended, and very happy with the final result.

I hope you enjoy it also.