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Tate Taylor and Jelidity

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Removes the Cause questline while retaining the rest of the new content.

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The Cause questline has a lot going on for it. There is a whole new Ayleid dungeon, a host of new unique enemies and loot to find, and even a small portion of the Deadlands for you to explore. The problem is that it is presented in the form of a questline that really suffers from the lack of voice acting. While the best solution would be to rewrite and voice the quest, that takes a lot of time and energy and we want to use the cool new content in the Cause now.

This mod is a compromise. It turns the mod's dungeons into normal locations that you can stumble across and explore at your leisure. A new dormant Oblivion gate has been added to the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon, if you can figure out how to open it you will be able to access the Deadlands.

  • Varlais Cavern has been moved to a more sensible location in relation to Rielle's location in Oblivion.
  • Red Scar Cavern and Varlais Cavern have been combined into a single dungeon.
  • A dormant Oblivion gate has been added to the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. It can be opened in a specific way.

The Cause - Reduced Cut is likely incompatible with any mod that edits Red Scar Cavern, Varlais Cavern, the interior of the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagons, and the Deadlands.

The Halls of Rielle is compatible. The Alternate Skyrim Location optional file is redundant as it is included with this mod.