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Adds the Crucible blade from Doom16. Complete with new special effects and spells.

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Big thanks to Hawkscr1mer for the in-game screenshots!


This was originally a side project of the CROSS_Blades mod for Fallout 4, but it just felt so right to bring to Skyrim. The Crucible blade's special effects have been completely redone for Skyrim!

New to the Skyrim version are draw and sheathe FX, along with a conjugation spell to summon the blade, and an Atronach forge recipe to permanently acquire the real thing. Also new is the ability to hurl flaming skulls with power attacks that scorch the earth as they pass and explode on enemies.

The spell books are added to select Court wizards and Conjugation trainers, they are added with a script so there are no overwrites. The Atronach forge recipe can only be used once. Once summoned with the Atronach Forge you'll have the real thing, there aren't any more in Oblivion to conjure up.

The fiery skull projectile explosion does damage based on your conjugation perks, the novice to master perks each increase the damage. The normal bound Crucible has weakest projectiles, Mystic binding has slightly more powerful, and the real Crucible has significantly more powerful explosions.

Balance: The bound Crucible spell is a continuation of the bound weapons progression. It benefits from the Mystic binding perk and the similar conjugation perks further up the tree. It is an adept spell and is about the same power as the Bound Greataxe, but has the added ability to hurl exploding skulls. The real Crucible from the Atronach forge is quite a bit more powerful, and is comparable to an ebony greatsword but is much lighter and swings slightly faster.

LORE: There is a book in-game with a bit of lore-friendly-lore and the recipe to summon the Permanent Real Crucible with a Atronach Forge. It can be found in the shrine of Mehrunes Dagon.

-The Bound Crucible Blade spell tome is added to the level adept level Conjugation merchant list.
can be bought in Markarth, Morthal, or at the Mages College
--Added with a script, this mod does not need to be merged with other leveled list mods.
--A spell tome can also be crafted with an Atronach Forge.
--The recipe is fairly simple: Burned book, Black Soul gem, Skull (Human)
--A note with the recipe can be found in-game at the College Forge

-The Real Crucible must be conjured with an Atronach Forge
--Only one Crucible can be conjured, once you've used a Atronach Forge to bring it to Mundus you cannot conjure another.
--The Atronach forge is set up with a scripted inject. This mod does not overwrite any other mods that add Atronach Forge recipes.
--The Recipe can be found in-game within Mehrunes Dagon's Shrine.
--The Real Crucible recipe is a bit more complex than the tome, none of the ingredients are terribly rare but they shouldn't be easy for low level characters.
--Below is a spoiler if you don't want to find the recipe book in-game:
---Ebony Sword
---Skull (Human)
---Black Soul Gem
---Flawless Emerald
---Ebony Ingot
---Briar Heart
---Daedra Heart


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