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My patches and fixes for the stunning Dremora Markynaz Armor mod.

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My patches and fixes
By Xtudo
Several patches for this wonderful armor made by 4thUnknown.

Fixes (v2.2)
  • Proper weight sliders. Full beast races support. Several clipping fixes.
  • ESP flagged as ESL.
  • Carried on the Unofficial Skyrim fixes.
  • Added the "Warm" keyword to all the armor pieces, for the Survival mode.
  • The necklaces will be hidden by the cuirass.
  • Test chest removed.
  • Removed one ITM.
  • Fixed cubemaps and lighting shader properties of the ground items.
  • It's fine to update mid-game.

Optional downloads
  • Optimized 2K textures. It only reduces the 4K textures, and the gauntlets and helmet normal maps.
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn - Ancient Daedric Lord Armor replacer. It will replace the Face of Inspiration and the Face of Terror (added hair to it) too. I couldn't test the displayed items, they should work, but please let me know if there is some clipping, etc. ESL. It doesn't requires the original ESP/ESL, just the textures. 100% compatible with LOTD v6.
  • Vanilla Daedric Armor replacer. Only meshes. It doesn't requires the original ESP/ESL, just the textures.
  • Skyrim Immersive Creatures replacer. It will replace the Daedric Lord Armor.
  • Immersive Armors replacer. It will replace the Daedric Lord Armor. Some files will conflict with the LOTD patch, it's fine, they are the same files.
  • Alternative Armors - Daedric Plate replacer. ESL.
  • Alternative Armors - Daedric Mail replacer. ESL.
  • Improved Closefaced Helmets patch. It will restore the Daedric Helmet's values to vanilla. Set it AFTER the Improved Closefaced Helmets mod.
  • Crafteable patch. Same Perk and materials than the Daedric Armor required. Requires one of the Main files installed first.
  • Vanilla Daedric Relic quest - Velehk Sain's Treasure reward. Standalone. ESL.
  • CC The Cause patch. It will give the armor to Valkyn Gatanas and Valkyn Methats. Requires one of the Main files installed first.

The FIXES v1 (ESP/ESL Old files) will perfectly work with the HDT-SMP Dremora Markynaz Armor patch. Version 2 is not compatible.

- LE version here.


I made it for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it. 
Don't forget to endorse and share your screens. :)

Especial thanks
  • To 4thUnknown of course, for his wonderful work as always!

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