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A few patches to add Reading Improves Speech functionality to other mods. Some mods may only have one book that will get this treatment. Other mods like Legacy of the Dragonborn will have multiple books affected.

Permissions and credits
Now available as an FOMOD!.

Speech is a pain to level in the game. There are ways around it but most of the ways I've found feel a bit cheaty to me. But the non-cheatiest way I've found is the mod Reading Improves Speech by JugoLama. Using that mod allows me to feel as if I am improving Speech while still interacting with the world. The more I interact, the more I learn. I also like his/her reasoning on what does or does not qualify for having an impact on your character going from a bumpkin to a sophisticate. Reading Galerion The Mystic should increase your vocabulary, reading Hajvarr's Note to Rodulf should not. So I've attempted to keep JugoLama's approach when creating the patch for each of the mods listed below. One thing JugoLama didn't mention was crafting manuals. I've decided that they do qualify for RIS functionality because reading and understanding them would make communication with craftsfolk easier.

Each patch requires both Reading Improves Speech and the listed mod to be in your load order.
Each patch is an ESPFE (ESL flagged ESP) so they won't effect your mod limit* and aren't stuck at the beginning of your load order.

* Creation Club requirements for the two AE patches are not listed in the Requirements dropdown.

Current Plans:
An All-In-One patch for Adolon's color dungeon mods.
Looking for some other mods, especially book-centric ones, to patch.

If you have a mod that you would like a patch for it and Reading Improves Speech let me know and I'll give it a shot.

Disclaimer: This is my first post and I'm on mobi---wait, wrong site. This is my first mod, yadda yadda yadda, etc. If you find any mistakes/errors/omissions/what have you, give me a heads up and I'll do my best to fix it.

Permission for patch given in Nexus PM
Legacy of the Dragonborn, The Burning Heart, Red Flame, Yellow King, Green Sleeves, Orange Moon, Books Books Books, Better Skill and Quest Book Names SE
Open permission for patches on mod page
Reading Improves Speech, Coldhaven, Riften Extension, Skyrim Sewers, Mainland Stalhram Lite, Brand New ME - A Book Addon
Permission for patch given via e-mail
TAWOBA, Ninirim

* Technically not true but if you reach the point you have to worry about it then I doubt your game is actually Skyrim SE anymore.