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Compatibility patch for Skyrim Sewers and Outlaws Refuges. Places access doors in the major city Outlaws Refuges to directly access Skyrim Sewers without needing to go up to the surface.

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Compatibility patch for Skyrim Sewers and Outlaws Refuges

Places doors in Outlaws Refuge so the player can directly access Skyrim Sewers without having to go up to the surface. The patched Refuges are Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm and Markarth.

The entrances are designed to be immersive and feel like a natural extension of Skyrim Sewers. The areas are positioned perfectly where both mods would line up, even taking care to adjust the elevation. Shadow marks are added to all doors; "Escape" down to the Sewers and "Safe" up to the Refuges.

The doors are tied to the navmesh so followers and NPCs can also use the doors.

Solitude. Simple gated door exactly where both mods would cross over.
Whiterun. Hallway built into the Refuge leading to a set of stairs down to the Sewers.
Windhelm. Door built into the Refuge. The door leads to a frosty hallway and down some stairs into the Sewers.
Markarth. Take the Dwemer Lift down to the Sewers. Also added an Alchemy station and idle markers in the new space.

Recommended Load Order (or just use LOOT)
  • SkyrimSewers.esp
  • OutlawsRefuges.esp
  • SkyrimSewers_OutlawsRefuge_Patch.esp

Patch is ESL Flagged and won't take up a spot in your load order.

Viltuska for Skyrim Sewers
Sokkvabekk for Outlaws Refuges