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This is a much-needed patch for Better Dynamic Snow and Majestic Mountains. Fix for the "white-painted" rocks bug included. Works in Bruma, as well.

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I, like most of you, love Better Dynamic Snow and Majestic Mountains, but they are not quite compatible together.

If you load Majestic Mountains after Better Dynamic Snow, you won't receive the benefit of more realistic and consistent snow cover using your installed snow textures on your mountains. Also, this may introduce the "white paint" bug on some of the rocks edited by MM. If you load BDS after MM you will lose access to the custom snow mountains meshes folder that T4gtr34um3r created for his mountains. Thus, reverting the custom mountain and rock snow meshes back to vanilla.

This patch fixes that by making sure the BDS material objects are applied to Majestic's mountains and rocks, while maintaining all the crucial redirects T4gtr34um3r implemented for his meshes.

Does NOT contain any meshes or textures, only a plugin. 
Requires up-to-date versions of Better Dynamic Snow (v2.11.0) and Majestic Mountains (v3.20)
Works with all 3 versions of Majestic Mountains, as the content of the esp's are the same. Confirmed to work in Bruma, as well.

This was not an easy task because Bethesda uses base objects that are referenced by variations of that object. An edit to the base ID of a reference object near Helgen might look great but it may look weird on another object near Windhelm that references the same base object.

I took a lot of time flying around Skyrim looking for every anomaly, and I think I covered everything there is to cover as far as visual consistency. I am only human though, so if I missed anything let me know with: location, screenshot, and if you could please use a mod like More Informative Console that gives you base ID's in the console, it would make it a lot easier to track down and allow me to update quicker, if need be.

So, countless hours later and with the help from a flying mod, I bring you:
Better Dynamic Majestic Mountains.

Load Order:
You can load BDS and MM any way you want. Just place my plugin after them and any other patches for them. My screenshots were taken with BDS loaded after MM, and with Fluffy Snow Textures. Testing was done with both load order options and I saw identical results. Of course, mileage may vary depending on your overall load order.

Also, if your snow, in general, is too bright, check your ENB and weather mod settings. I use NVT with Obsidian Weathers and there is a setting in-game for Obsidian that will change the sun brightness in case it gets overwhelming on sunny days.

Works with any snow texture mod but looks best with Fluffy Snow, imho.

THANK YOU and enjoy!

Special Thanks to GamerPoets for the video!

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TechAngel85 for Better Dynamic Snow
T4gtr34um3r for Majestic Mountains