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Applies Better Dynamic Snow shader over Blended Roads snowy roads.

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This is a simple patch to apply the Better Dynamic Sow shade over the snow roads modified by Blended Roads, include a version for Blended Roads and one for Really Blended Roads (chose only one main file). I made this because I didn't find something like this on nexus (something very odd for two popular mods), if something like this already exists let me know.

If you want better results I recommend a texture replace for snow roads like Blended Roads Redone or whatever other mod that replace the texture road01snow01.dds and is compatible with Blended Roads.

The compatibility of this patch may vary since some snow mods already include their on version for the roads, but should be compatible with most snow mods, in the screenshots I'm using Hyperborean Snow(amazing mod btw) texture, different textures should result into something different.

for Blended Roads
TechAngel85  for Better Dynamic Snow