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A simple fix to correct the texture mismatch on Nordic Temple Stairs, when using Better Dynamic Snow.

Attention: This is obsolete as of BDS 2.7.1

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Just a simple fix I made for myself. Anybody who wants to is free to use it as well.

Better Dynamic Snow is, for some reason, applying the wrong material to the middle of the Nordic Temple Stairs, resulting in mismatching textures. It is not really noticeable, when you use the vanilla snow textures, but with a texture mod, like Nordic Snow, it gets really noticeable and annoying.

As LoD7995kindly pointed out, this also happens without Better Dynamic Snow. I now also made a version for vanilla users.

Choose your appropriate version and just download the mod and install it with your mod manager or simply copy the esp into your data folder. Only use one main file!

It's completely save to remove, just remove the mod from within your mod manager or delete the esp from your data folder.

If you do not have the extra plugin spot, or just want to save a spot you can merge this fix into the original Better Dynamic Snow.esp. To do that simply open Better Dynamic Snow Stairs Fix.esp in SSEEdit and in the left pane navigate to Better Dynamic Snow Stairs Fix.esp -> static -> NorTmpExtPlatStairMid01Snow in the right pane now drag and drop  SnowMaterialObject1PBetterDynamicSnow [MATO:04001305] from the fix to the original esp. Close SSEEdit and save Better Dynamic Snow.esp. Now you can disable or remove Better Dynamic Snow Stairs Fix.esp. If you do not use Mod Organizer your finished now. If you do use it you have to copy Better Dynamic Snow.esp from your overwrite directory back to its own mod.

The reason, why I didn't merge the fix into the original esp in the first place, is, that if you have to reinstall BDS or if you update it, you will lose the changes you made to the esp. If they fix it in the next update it will be fine ofcourse, but if they don't you have to redo the process above. Just remember that, if you should merge the two files.

If you find any more areas, where this is also the case, let me know and I'll fix them.
I also mentioned it to the team of BDS and this mod will be obsolete, when they fix it in their file.