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Injects fixed parallax shaders into Skyrim Special Edition.

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SSE Parallax Shader Fix

This is an SKSE plugin that injects patched parallax shaders into SSE. It is similar in behavior to the LE ENB "FixParallaxBugs" option. Parallax terrain is not a vanilla feature and this has nothing to do with ENB's implementation of that, which is something completely different.

This is a beta that I threw together in a couple days and isn't really feature-complete, but it works, so I wanted to get it out there. All available parallax shaders in the base game are patched. The parallax effect matches what is in LE as far as I can tell.


  • Install the SKSE plugin + shader files archive like a regular mod.
  • If you don't have a copy of 'd3dcompiler_47.dll' in your Skyrim Special Edition folder already, install the second archive containing it to your game folder. It MUST be "_47" - ENB comes with "_46e", you still need 47.
  • The "BSLightingShaderParallaxBug" patch from Engine Fixes is required for parallax meshes that don't have specular enabled to work properly.
  • Check ShaderTools.log in your SKSE logs folder (My Documents/My Games/Skyrim Special Edition/skse) to verify the plugin is working. The last line should be something like "found shaders: 72 successfully replaced: 72 failed to replace: 0"

Notes for Mod Authors

To activate parallax on a mesh, the shader type applied to the mesh must be "Parallax" and you must add the Parallax flag to Shader Flags 1. Currently, the mesh must also have vertex colors, although they can all be set to default (white/FFFFFF). Make sure none of the other technique flags are active as well (glow map, env map, etc, you cannot combine techniques!) Specular and shadow flags are okay, though. The parallax map texture goes in the 4th slot in the texture set, and the height is read from the first (red) channel of the texture.


This is something I threw together on a whim in an hour.

"Terrain" is the texture set entries with up to 6 different textures.

It works the same way as LE: height data for terrain parallax is stored in the alpha channel of the diffuse texture. Because of this, SE's improved snow shader MUST BE DISABLED to use this feature. This is "bEnableImprovedSnow" in your ini file. In addition, landscape specular must be enabled (bLandSpecular), but this is default enabled afaik.

I haven't really tested this but I'm uploading it so people who know what they are doing can mess around with it.


This project would have been impossible without Nukem's countless hours of work reverse engineering Skyrim Special Edition's renderer and shader code.


Unavailable for now but it will be on my GitHub eventually.