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Blue Palace overhaul mixing JK's and Drengin's Blue Palace.

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Have you experienced this situation, when two great but significantly different mods touch the same localization and you couldn't decide between them? The worst case for me was a Blue Palace - when I discovered (very late, shame on me!) Drengin's Blue Palace Terrace, I was already a user, big fan and active patcher of JK's Blue Palace. I wanted both of them at once! There was some patch between them already made by leontristain (big kudos!), but their method (leaving only minimally modified JK's version inside) didn't satisfy me. So, the idea started to grow and now it finally materializes. Hereby I present to you my twisted vision of the patch for both of these Blue Palace great mods.

Main features and changes:
  • Significant changes to the palace layout, many rooms are transferred to different locations and the whole concept tries to mimic the exterior shape of the Palace.
  • Palace entrance and the main hall utilize mostly JK's layout. The dome is moved forward - right above the throne room.
  • The feasting hall added in JK's is extended sideways and contains additions taken from Drengin's dining room: an additional table for Jarl Elisif and her closest associates, an expanded main table, and some additional furniture and decorations.
  • On the right side of the main hall, between the staircase and Pelagius' Wing has located the lounge and the corridor with the door to the external side gallery.
  • The library/study room in the right palace wing now contains a fireplace and some additional bookshelves and decorations.
  • Sybille's Stentor room and guest quarters on the middle level are moved a bit closer to the main palace entrance making room for staircases rotated 90 degrees.
  • The rooms of Elisif, Sybille, Bolgeir and Falk use mixed additions from both mods.
  • Rooms for exiled Jarls are placed on the bottom floor of the left wing of the palace (using modified JK's layout) with the living/dining room in the middle (which uses the space originally designed for the dining hall in Drengin's version). Right next to it you can find an additional staircase leading to the upper gallery and to the palace's basement.
  • The kitchen is placed right below the main dining hall on the same level as the living room and the bedrooms. A little additional dining space for the servants and occasional guests is added to the area.
  • The servant's bedroom and a little storage are placed in the right wing, next to the kitchen.
  • The exit to the garden is located at the end of the corridor which divides the bottom daily/bedroom section from the kitchen/servants' area.
  • Exterior changes from both mods remain mostly untouched - only some unnecessary/clipping elements are disabled. The courtyard is taken from Drengin's version with the courtyard doors and little resting area above the main gate added in JK's.
  • The plugin was compacted with an ESL flag set, so you don't have to worry about losing another one slot in your plugins' load order.
  • Due to significant changes to room bounds and some other persistent stuff you need the new game to make it all work. Don't even try to install it on the existing save.

  • Compatible with almost all Solitude city overhauls - external navmesh is left almost untouched (only finalized with new door markers in the courtyard). Just load this patch after every other mod changing the surrounding city area (with optional original patches for Drengin's Blue Palace Terrace and/or some third-party ones).
  • Several patches for mods adding/changing stuff in the interior are provided with the main patch installer. Here's the list of the patched mods with credits. Do not use corresponding ones for JK's Blue Palace or Drengin's Blue Palace Terrace.
  • To ensure compatibility with Legacy of the Dragonborn you need the patch provided in the installer and the Blue Palace Terrace / Legacy of the Dragonborn patch from Modular Blue Palace Terrace and Solitude Patches by leontristain. Load my LOTD patch after theirs to ensure navmesh compatibility. Additionally, I also suggest you download LOTD Museum Dress-Up for Blue Palace Terrace by godescalcus, so the back parts of the museum might look pretty well and consistent with the palace architecture. 
  • The patch for Mrf's Solitude is already provided by the author in their mod's installer.
  • This patch isn't (and probably never will be) compatible with Palaces and Castles Enhanced.

- Drengin for Drengin's Blue Palace Terrace,
JKrojmal for JK's Blue Palace,
AntistarAbamber, PlangkyeRepzik and Titansbane for Extravagant Interiors meshes (modified and used in Extravagant Blue Palace patch)
GGUNIT for testing and some ideas implemented into the final mod
Janquel and the rest of the Patching Team for JK's Interiors Patch Collection (I've used and reworked some of these patches) and for dealing with my presence almost every day :P