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Compatibility patch for Redbag's Solitude and Solitude Docks / Solitude Docks Updated

Permissions and credits
The patch allows using RedBag's Solitude with Solitude DocksSolitude Docks Updated without conflicts. Only a few elements are disabled, most are repositioned to cover changes made by both mods and blend them together. Main changes concern piers and clipping buildings rearrangement, landscape modifications and navigation mesh rebuilding. The only disabled building is a windmill - it was clipping with a tower and I couldn't find a new suitable place for it. Also, I've added stairs to the new Solitude entrance (from Redbag's Solitude) and corrected the landscape underwater (no more floating rocks/pier posts!).

Additional notes
  • A new game is recommended  - there are changes to some persistent records.
  • Patches are designed for Redbag's Solitude from version 1.4.
  • Prepare for some FPS drops in the area - Solitude Docks is a heavy modification and with RedBag's Solitude you'll have an additional load for your VRAM.
  • All files are ESL-flagged (ESP-FE).
  • The patch was developed with Solitude Docks Updated but will work with Solitude Docks also.
  • If you're using also JK's Redbag's Solitude (Patch) load it before docks patch.
  • Provided patch for Lanterns of Skyrim II - Tamriel Master Lights depends on Los II - Solitude Docks patch (included in LoS II installer). Don't forget to install and activate it.
  • Patches for Lux Orbis and Lux Via are meant to be used INSTEAD original Lux Via / Lux Orbis patches for Solitude Docks.
  • There are two patches for Trees Addon SE. One is dedicated for RedBag's Solitude Docks Updated and created with compatibility with the rest of the files here in mind. The second one - hosted as a miscellaneous file - is independent of the main mod and will work with Solitude Docks / Solitude Docks Updated.
  • I suggest using robertgk2017's fixed replacers for RedBag's Solitude and Solitude Docks Updated.

Load Order

  1. Any major landscape changers and grass/flora mods.
  2. Solitude Docks / Solitude Docks Updated (use one or another)
  3. RedBag's Solitude
  4. RedBag's Solitude Docks Updated
  5. Patches (optional)

RedBag for RedBag's Solitude, 
AssyMcGee for Solitude Docks,
Fe4therstone for Solitude Docks Updated,
- robertgk2017 for main patch fixes,
DeviantKaled / JPSteel2 for DK's Realistic Nord Ships,
WiZkiD for Lanterns of Skyrim II,
- GGUNIT for Lux Orbis / Lux Via,
- winedave for Trees Addon SE,
Viltuska for Skyrim Sewers 4.