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A collection of patches allowing Ryn's Standing Stones to work alongside various other mods

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<open scene, with a man chained to a desk which contains a computer. The phone rings. He answers.>

"Hello? Yes, this is he."


"Yes, the collection is finished. I've completed everything we agreed to."


"What? What do you mean there's more mods?"


"Yes, but there's ALWAYS releases on, I understand, but there's no POSSIBLE way to keep u....what do you mean? That wasn't part of the deal. THAT WASN'T PART OF THE D.....WHEN WILL YOU RELEASE ME, DAMNIT?"



<The phone is put away. We fade to black on the man still chained to his desk, silently sobbing>

...Nah, but seriously, I meant to have this thing out a month or two ago, but well *thousand yard stare*. :P

Ryn makes some interesting looking stuff. Here's some patches to let you use them with other interesting stuff.

Included Patch Descriptions'

Amulets of Skyrim - Moves all the amulets to new locations, as necessary. Forward havok/etc changes from Tweaks and Fixes/LOTD patch. If using either of those, load this last Last checked against version 4.061

Artifacts of Skyrim - CR on a single enemy, making it harder than either one individually. Have fun! Last checked against version SE1.2OBSOLETE

Aspens Ablaze - CR on a few trees. Last checked against version 2.35

Enhanced Landscapes - CR on multiple landscape/navmesh records, disabled a few refs from one mod or the other to match together. Last checked against version 2.0.1

Enhanced Landscapes - Marsh Pines Standalone - CR on two trees, and on cell settings for about 5 cells (which is basically just forwarding Update.esm waterflow). Last checked against version 2.1

Expanded Towns and Cities - Navmesh CR for Darkwater Crossing. Complete and DWC versions available. Last checked against version 0.7

Falkreath Hauntings - CR on navmesh. Last checked against version 2.0

Fortune's Trade House - Shifts an atronach and corpses so hopefully it won't fight the hagraven added by Ryn. Last checked against version 1.1

Hold Border Guards - CR on navmesh. Last checked against version 1.1.0

iNeed Extended - CR on one ref, Converts all snow drifts placed by Ryn's into activatable snow drift types Last checked against version 1.83

Isengrav Barrow - CR on navmesh. Last checked against version 1.2

Landscape and Water Fixes - CR on 3 things and a cell settings that NO ONE CARES ABOUT because it only matters if you esm-ify Ryn's Standing Stones *stares at ra2* :PLast checked against version 7.0.1

Landscape patch - Forwards landscape from Ryn for LFFG, repaints some sections to make grass not stick through stuff. Not thoroughly tested, let me know if you run into problems.

Leaps of Faith - CR on two birds nests. Last checked against version 1.02

Leviathan Axe - Dwemer Artifacts SE - Shifts position of one item to be accessible in new layout. Last checked against 1.0b

Legacy of the Dragonborn - Forwards persistence on multiple stones, CR on one landscape record. Last checked against version 5.6.4

Mavari Armor - Shifts a couple enemy spawns and a chest to match new layout. Last checked against version 1

Moon and Star - CR landscape, navmesh, and cell settings. Last checked against version 3.2

s6o6t LORE - Mundus Stones - DO NOT USE PLUGIN FROM THIS MOD. It's another overhaul just like Ryn's, so the two are effectively "pick one or the other." All this patch does it point Ryn's stones to use the meshes from Mundus Stones, and shifts/resizes/etc to fit Ryn's layout. Last checked against version 3.1

Necrolock - CR on a single ref which isn't needed if Necrolock was cleaned. Last checked against version 1.0

No Snow Under the Roof - CR on a number of refs, swaps static types added by Ryn to use NSUTR versions. Last checked against version 3.2

Requiem - Shifts a couple objects to match new layout, CR on one ref Last checked against version 5.2.2

Skyrim 3D Trees - CR on 3 trees, shift/remove a few others. Last checked on version 5.0.1

Shadow of Meresis - Forward Ryn's landscape. Last checked against version 1.1.75

Skyrim Reborn - Hjaalmarch Hold - CR on navmesh, combined changes. Some of the bedrolls were also inaccessible from navmesh in Ryn's base, so tweaked so they could be accessed. Last checked against version 1.1.3

Skyrim Reborn - Whiterun Hold - CR on navmesh, multiple items around greywinter watch. Redid navmesh/landscape to work together, shifted necromancer's camp slightly away to fit the new aesthetic, shifted around some enemy spawns to (hopefully) prevent enemies fighitng one another. Last checked against version 1.1.7

Skyrims Unique Treasures - Shifts one chest to be accessible with new layout. Last checked against version 4.5 but should work with 4.6

Steel Falcon - CR on the stone (which should be cleaned from steel falcon), drop the test box which is inside the stone into the ground. Last checked against version 1

The People of Skyrim 2 - RTCWG and The Way of the Dwemer. RTCWG: CR on a very large number of references, and a ton of navmesh. Reworked one entire area to have NPC and dungeon match new layout from Ryn, a couple other smaller tweaks. Way of the Dwemer: CR on a single navmesh. Last checked against version

Wraiths - Shifts two spawns so they're not inside geometry. Last checked against version spooky

Zerofrost Ultimate Armor Collection - Shifts a couple spawns/chests to match new exterior. Last checked against version 1.

Other patches that I'm aware of: Ryn's Official Patch Hub should cover any incompatibilities between Ryn's mods. Tiny But Useful Patch Hub has patches for Convenient Bridges, Nature of the Wildlands, 3D Landscapes, The Marshlands, and Dave's Trees.

Use a mod manager/organizer to install, or drop the loose files into your Skyrim data folder.
Patches should have their appropriate masters set, and should be loaded after any mods which they are patching. Some of the fixes in question are on persistent objects and may require a new save.

I don't believe this should introduce any incompatibilities beyond anything which may be present between base mods. All moved objects should have been moved to locations which are non-overlapping. There may technically be a few combo patches which are needed (Convenient Bridges, TPOS2, and MAS come to mind).

Bethesda for Skyrim Special Edition and the Creation Kit
ElminsterAU for SSEEdit
Ryn for Ryn's Standing Stones
UNI00SL for Amulets of Skyrim
HeiroftheSeptims for Artifacts of Skyrim
mindflux for Aspens Ablaze
AceeQ for Enhanced Landscapes
kojak747 for Enhanced Landscapes - Marsh Pines Standalone
missjennabee for Expanded Towns and Cities
opusGlass for Falkreath Hauntings
doubtSuspended for Fortune's Trade House
enodoc for Hold Border Guards
isoku for iNeed Extended
incaendo for Isengrav Barrow
wizkid for Landscape and Water Fixes
jayserpa for Leaps of Faith
icecreamassassin, SirJesto, and the LOTD team for Legacy of the Dragonborn
funkygandalfcat for Leviathan Axe - Dwemer Artifacts SE
xdanikitty915x for Mavari Armor and Zerofrost Ultimate Armor Collection
Gan Xinba for Moon and Star
son6of6tredis for s6o6t LORE - Mundus Stones
Collygon for Necrolock
Prometheus for No Snow Under the Roof
The Requiem Dungeon Masters for Requiem
mathy79 for Skyrim 3D Trees
Gho71y for Shadow of Meresis
mnikjom for Skyrim Reborn - Hjaalmarch Hold and Skyrim Reborn - Whiterun Hold
clintmich and icecreamassassin for Skyrims Unique Treasures
newermind43 for Steel Falcon
nesbit098 for The People of Skyrim 2
4thunknown for Wraiths