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Simple mod that adds yet another fun activity for your character to do in the world: 12 epic "Leaps of Faith" across Skyrim for you to discover and complete as you play. Jumping from one of these places will play a custom jumping and falling animation and give you a small (well-earned) bonus.

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This mod is just a small addition to your Skyrim adventure meant to bring yet another fun activity for your character to do. A small ESL for you to install, forget about it and then be like "holy cow, I can jump from that place?" in the middle of your playthrough and be amazed at how something so simple can make for an awesome moment or story in-game (Hopefully!)

*definitely NOT inspired by the Assassin's Creed mechanic of the same name - please, don't sue me, Ubisoft!

  • 12 Leaps of Faiths (Jumping Points)
  • Custom Jumping Animation that ONLY applies on these specific spots, rest of the time it's your vanilla/modded jumping animation.
  • Different jump difficulty (some jumps are harder than others to pull off, but all are doable)
  • Fall resistance bonus: Each jump you complete gives you a small 4% damage resistance to FALL DAMAGE. If you manage to get all 12 jumps (which is really a late game endeavour since they're all over the map), falling damage is reduced by a total of 50%. I do not consider this OP in any way, since we all know how broken fall damage is, this won't allow you to make impossible jumps, just survive regular ones.
  • True to Skyrim: I've only added VERY mininal changes to the locations. The locations were already there and were already part of the natural landscape of Skyrim, I just added a a nest, a flying hawk or fallen tree, a wooden plank... etc. to act as jumping platform, but there's only 2 or 3 added objects per location.

Video Showcase

Looks daunting? Don't worry, I've asked my friend Dives-In-Waters to give you some tips!

Tom Daley would be proud

  • TL:DR; Compatibility shouldn't be an issue. Very small mod that doesn't edit many things. Let all other mods take priority over mine.
  • Long: This mod adds a couple of static items to the world in 12 key locations. These changes are minimal so it should be compatible with everything (no conflicts in my +500 mod load order). Let my mod sit up high in your load order, so other mods can take priority over this one.

  • SKSE
  • Dynamic Animation Replacer (If you want the custom jumping + falling animation. Mod still works without DAR) (OAR works too)

Fantastic Jumps and Where To Find Them:
- The intended way to find these locations should be naturally throughout your playthrough. You will spot the locations because:

  • You will see a crazy high place with water below and think "Isn't that an amazing place to jump from?"
  • Small enviromental tips: A couple of random feathers, a suspicious tree near a cliff, a wooden platform...
  • Flying hawks! They like placing their nests in high places, this can be a tip to find one of the Leaps of Faith (or not)
  • When you stand near the cliff of one of these locations, you will get a message "I could probably survive this fall"
  • If you don't want to discover the places on your own and want to know where they are, click the spoiler below.

Ain't nobody got time for that? Open the spoiler to check out the location of all jumps: 


Q: I installed this mod, nothing happens. Now what?
A: Now, play the game and forget you installed this until you find a suspicious nice place to jump from and land safely...

Q: Is this compatible with jump replacers?
A: Yes.

Q: Is this compatible with Parkour in Skyrim (A Jump Animations Replacer)?
A: Yes, and it looks awesome! But I'm not sure I recommend jumping sideways or backwards, the jumps require good precision. You can also use the alternative leap of faith animations included in Parkour in Skyrim! To do so, just replace the 3 .HKX files included in my mod with those of Parkour BUT keep my _conditions.txt file. This is how it might end up looking!

Q: Can I become Etheral and cheat the jump?
A: Yes, but: my mod checks for two things. That you jump at the top, and that you land in water (swimming not just standing on water). As long as these 2 things happen, you should be fine.

Q: I jumped, animation and sound played, but the misc quest didn't advance!
A: Try to do the jump again. There's a time limit between the jump and you landing in water, maybe you somehow were too fast or too slow to land in the water and it didn't trigger correctly. Don't get out of the water immediately, give it a second.

Q: This jump is impossible, I don't think it can be done!
A: I know some of the jumps can be quite tricky, they're all possible at the vanilla default speedmult (100) but if you have a mod modifying the speed of your character, some of the jumps might indeed be impossible unless you get to be a bit faster. Being faster will make your jump cover more distance, so that's why. 

Q: How do I know if the "fall damage reduction" reward is working? 
A: It is working! Thing is, fall damage is quite crazy in Skyrim, so you will probably die anyway if you jump from any slightly high place, but the perk will definitely help you survive smaller falls.

Q: You know, some of those jumps into water would not be survivable!
A: You are probably right! But doesn't it look fun? Also, the highest Leap of Faith in this game is actually a VANILLA jump! It's almost twice as high as any of the others, so it's not breaking Bethesda's rules, but of course: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Since you made it to the bottom of the page, here's something interesting for you: a video of the IRL current highest dive record at 58.8M (193 feet).

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