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A Hub of information and patches for Ryn's Locations.

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This page should hold everything you need to understand Ryn's Skyrim. I hope you will take the time to read and utilize it.
I will continue to update it as it is necessary.
Please consider endorsing this page, as it helps boost it to the top of my profile so others can find it as well.

Ryn's Skyrim Hub
Here you'll find ONLY patches between my own files, and a comprehensive organization of my locations to help you decide which you might like in your game.
You will also in time, find links to locations with patches to my mods, for other mods.

My Goal

I love The Elder Scrolls series dearly, and I want to make my favorite game feel better for everyone. 
There are many other modders who do amazing things, and I feel like as a group we can make Skyrim feel new in EVERY way. 
My goal is to update, tweak, or entirely change most of the game's exteriors and interiors of commonly visited locations and dungeons throughout Skyrim, marked as ESL when available.
The scope of this project is massive, as I plan to redesign the experience you will have playing Skyrim. Whether you're a longtime veteran, or a totally new player, you will have something new, exciting, and more enjoyable to explore.

Consider joining my Discord for project updates!
Please feel free to leave suggestions and ask questions along the way! 

A Little About Me
My name is Ryan, but here I'm clearly known as Ryn. I'm the sole developer of Ryn's Skyrim and I'm Head Level Design Quality Assurance on the Skyblivion Project.
I love to create and tell stories with level design. I have two lovely rabbits of my own, and three cats.
These two projects are some of the most important things in my life, and I hope I can provide quality experiences and help you make memories.
I do it all for free over hundreds of hours, and never plan to hide anything behind sketchy paywalls. 
So I hope you'll consider donating.

Ryn's Skyrim

An ongoing project to overhaul the entirety of Skyrim's Worldspace, dungeons, and even its interiors. Overtime, I release locations in separate files, to allow for maximum modularity. I understand that the amount of mods I release can be daunting. It can be hard to sift through them. But this is the small price to pay for me to accurately portray each location in an organized way.
While completing this project, I will be releasing individual locations as I finish them so that the community can enjoy them.

Places you will find patches for my mods. As well as many others. Please support these authors as they spend a lot of time making all of these patches. They all work together to make things work.

Ryn's Riverwood Patch Collection
Tiny but Useful - Yet Another Patch Hub

Patches For Ryn's
Ryn's Standing Stones Patch Collection
Whiterun Exteriors Patch Collection (JK-Ryn-Market-Capital)
Psychopatchist Purgatory

(This will be updated as authors add patches, and as authors let me know of new pages to find them.)


This project aims to redesign most of the Skyrim Worldspace and change your experience exploring the world that Bethesda has provided us with.
I follow strict guidelines that I have given myself, in keeping Ryn's Skyrim akin to Bethesda's style of level design for Skyrim. You will not find over-the-top locations that stand out compared to everywhere else in Skyrim. And I will always do my best to keep performance in mind when making these locations.
Ryn's Skyrim individual locations are meant to work on their own, so you can choose which you like and would like to stay away from. But in the end, all locations are meant to work together. Some locations will need patches that are necessary because of this. I will provide these patches.
These patches will not only include fixes to allow these files to work together, but will sometimes include interactions between the two original files. Small things usually.


My interiors are meant to be basic enough that they do not drastically stand out from vanilla, but still offer a very new and refreshing experience.
The style I go for when doing interiors is less "busy" and "cluttered" compared to some other modders here on the Nexus. This is not a bash on them. This is just the style I am aiming for, as it is what I enjoy and what I feel we are missing as an option here on the Nexus.


Will you make a patch for ___________?:
No, I am not focusing on making patches for my mods, for other mods.
I focus heavily on creating new mods to add to this project, so creating patches for other mods is not on the top of my list. This project will take a very very long time as it is.
PLEASE do not put PATCH REQUESTS in the bug section

I don't like this. Can you change it for me?:

Damn that's crazy.

How do I contact you about ________?:
You can message me here on the nexus, or message me on Discord. (At the bottom of this page)

I'm having insert bug issue. Can you help?:
Please put any issues in the bug section. They are far more likely to be taken care of that way. 
I see your comments. I read all of them. 
Please when reporting a bug, include images if you can. Chances are I will ask you for images regardless. Please either embed these images, or provide a link to Imgur. I will not go to any other site to view your images. If you provide a link to any other site, I will probably just delete or ignore the comment or bug report. 

How do I Report a bug in a way that will help get the bug fixed?
The best place to start is using More Informative Console to be sure that what you are seeing, is actually caused by one of my mods, or if it is due to an incompatibility with another mod.
When you figure this out, please take pictures of the issue and try to accurately describe what is happening. Please include at least one image showing More Informative Console being used. This not only helps me figure out what is happening, but saves me from wondering if you used it.
Please also include any crash logs that may have occurred. While I am not great at reading them, I may still get something from it.

Can you make an AIO version containing all of your mods?
That used to be the plan. That is not happening anymore due to me learning more about modding and how this all works.
IF I decided to do that, I would have had to start it that way from the very start. Or, I would do it and break every single patch that has ever been made for these mods. So, no. 
I have some AIO files as it is, and that will be a very very rare occurrence. 

Can you overhaul insert location?
It's probably already on my list, but please feel free to request. Sometimes that's what pushes me to work on it.

Why don't you make many patches for other mods to work with your mods?

Because this project is very big. Making patches for other mods will take up an incredible amount of my time and drain me of any interest I have in completing this project. I have a lot of things I work on as it is. Ryn's Skyrim, Skyblivion, and helping/teaching other modders between it all.

Special Thank you
A very special friend of mine who encouraged me to start modding.
Those who have helped encourage me, helped with feedback, and supported my work, thank you.
Without you, I do not think this project would continue.
As always, I love you, and happy modding

Feel free to join my community discord for updates on my projects