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Out of melting snow and ice the tips of an ancient nordic ruin has appeared. Those who seek riches, adventure or knowledge in the north of Skyrim whisper about it. An unexplored dungeon, surely it must contain both immense wealth and danger.

This mod adds a medium-sized dungeon, follower friendly and intended for any level.

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Out of melting snow and ice the tips of an ancient nordic ruin has appeared. Those who seek riches, adventure or knowledge in the north of Skyrim whisper about it. An unexplored dungeon, surely it must contain both immense wealth and danger. Located on the harsh, deep frozen and wind battered northern coast of Skyrim, only the most fearless and well prepared will stand a chance at exploring what appears to be another of Skyrim's many forgotten tombs.

Explore a medium-sized, deep frozen nordic ruin dungeon which offers additional content for any kind of playthrough. The dungeon is leveled and should be appropriate for a character of most levels.  The entrance to the dungeon is located on the northern shore of Skyrim, in the wilderness between Dawnstar and Winterhold, west of Saarthal and just east of the Tower standing stone. Draugr, traps, a boss, loot and a magical sword awaits!

About the mod
This mod was created as an entry to the modding contest for October 2018 held by the Prometheus discord channel. The theme of the contest was to create a new dungeon and the time limit three weeks.

While I have been playing, modding and making mods for Skyrim for several years now I have never published a finished mod before, the Prometheus modding contest offered a good chance to actually create a finished product.

This mod features a fairly simple, medium-sized dungeon at what I aimed to be at the same standard as a vanilla dungeon. To make the dungeon unique I have combined the nordic ruin and ice cave tilesets and used the ice shader on nordic ruins to a larger extent than what was done in the vanilla dungeons. The dungeon contains a mix of different encounters, mainly with draugr. Different strategies will work differently well for different areas of the dungeon. The layout is fairly standard and linear and at the end of the dungeon you will encounter a bossfight. Loot can be found throughout the dungeon as well as in a room after the bossfight, the boss also carries a unique magical sword.

The dungeon is leveled, and so you can play this dungeon at most levels, the boss does have a level floor however and will be very hard for low level characters, of course depending on mods/items/builds you may have more or less success. Because it is very hard to test difficulty in general because of the many combinations in which you can make and play a character I would love to hear about how difficult you found the dungeon and what lvl/playstyle/mods/difficulty-settings you have.

The dungeon contains a fully handmade navmesh which I hope will be fully compatible with followers and not cause them any major problems.

Want to access the dungeon for testing purposes? The command "coc incaendo_isengravbarrow" will get you there.

After you play the dungeon, remember to come by and leave a comment here on the nexus page. Knowing what you thought was good and what was bad, as well as any problems with bugs is good to know for future projects, as well as bugfixes and balancing updates for this mod.


This mod should be compatible with anything that doesn't change the same exterior cell in the Tamriel worldspace as the dungeon entrance (Wilderness (19,25)).

If vanilla AI, scripts, lights, textures etc. have been edited by other mods this may have unforeseen consequences for the looks of the dungeon and behavior of the npcs. It is however very unlikely that it would cause anything to break in this mod that also wouldn't be broken in the entire rest of the game.


How do I open the locked doors?

How do I open the locked portcullis?

Why is it too hard?
You are too low level/playing in a stupid way/too high difficulty/other mods/git gud.

Why is it too easy?
You are too high level/too low difficulty/other mods/not intended to be super challenging.

How did the sweet roll get there?
My friend must have dropped it while he was jumping around everywhere really fast.


I would like to thank everyone in the Prometheus discord channel for giving me the motivation and advice needed to make and finish this mod.

I would like to thank my friends (you know who you are) for helping me playtest the dungeon, sharing some screenshots for this page and for giving advice on what changes to make during development.