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A makeover mod for Skyrim's Jarls & their courtiers featuring unique, lore-friendly looks.

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A total rework for the visuals of Skyrim's upper crust with an immersive, lore-friendly approach. The Jarls of every hold, as well as their housecarls, court wizards, & stewards have all been covered. My goal was to visually enhance each NPC in a way that wouldn't look too out of place in the vanilla game yet still be unique & reflective of their personality/background. I've also made a few modifications in the form of special equipment & more appropriate attire according to an NPC's station or cultural background. To see an in-depth list of these changes, click HERE. I've also included a stripped down, "appearance only" version without any of these added features for those that want it.


This mod has no hard requirements other than USSEP. However, facegen was generated using Expressive Facegen Morphs so Expressive Facial Animations (Male & Female) could be considered a soft requirement. NPCs will use whatever textures you have installed, but if you'd like your followers to look exactly like the screenshots, I highly recommend Tempered Skins (Male & Female), Mild Complexions, Brows, Beards, & True Faces.


It should go without saying, but this mod is generally incompatible with other mods that edit the same NPCs, whether or not they modify appearances. Most issues can be resolved via proper load order, but some problems may require a different solution. For more information, click the spoiler tag below.


Q: "Can this be flagged as an ESL to save myself a plugin slot?"
A: Possibly. You can use xEdit to compact the FormIDs & add an ESL flag if you want, but I'll leave that up to you.

Q: "Is this compatible with AE?"
A: As far as I know, there shouldn't be any issues. This mod was built/tested in SE & only affects the included NPCs. There are no other edits that should be impacted by the Anniversary Edition.

Q: "I have the gray/dark face bug!"
A: If you have an issue with dark faces, it's likely due to a conflict in your load order. To be safe, run LOOT & make sure my mod's loose files & esp are placed below any others that affect NPC visuals. You should also be aware that any mods which edit NPC records, even without changing their appearance, may also cause the dark face bug & need to be patched. If you're still having issues, please check out THIS article on how to solve mod conflicts before leaving a comment or bug report.

Q: "Some NPCs have invisible hair!"
A: A character's hair is baked into their 3D head mesh so if you're having this issue, it likely comes down to incompatibilities with two mods - Vanilla Hair Replacer and Face Discoloration Fix. Both mods can cause issues with NPC replacers if not properly installed or if there's an issue with your load order. Please read their respective descriptions for instructions on how to fix the problem.

Q: "The NPCs aren't wearing the new armor sets you gave them."
A: If you're experiencing this issue after installation, simply wait 24 hours in another cell so the game can reset their outfits. Alternatively, you can just select them in the console & type in the following line to force an immediate change of clothes.


If you're using Armor and Clothing Extension, it uses scripted implementation to overwrite the outfits of several NPCs. You can untick certain options in the MCM menu to allow my outfit changes to take over, but I've found during testing that it's hit or miss for certain NPCs.

Q: "Are the NPC's unique outfits & accessories playable?"
A: No. None of the items are attainable by the player, but if you'd like them for yourself, please check out the credits down below.

Q: "Can you make a patch for [Insert Mod Name Here]?"
A: You can request a patch in the forum tab. You're also more than welcome to create your own patch for this mod & publish it yourself or request that I host it here, just know that I may not be able to provide further support for it. Patches are currently available for the following mods:

  -  AI Overhaul SSE
  -  Versus - Enemies Evolved

Q: "Can you upload a version that has [NPC A, B, & C] but not [NPC D]?"
A: Sorry, but I don't take these types of requests. If you're not comfortable learning how to remove certain NPCs from this mod using xEdit, I would recommend trying out either Easy NPC or NPC Plugin Chooser to do what you're aiming for.

Q: "Any plans to make over other NPCs?"
A: Eventually, though I work full-time & I'm also a perfectionist when it comes to creating characters so they might be few & far between.


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Better Makeup by Diethardt
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Crown Helmets by pnkrd
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