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Retextures the vanilla warpaint designs in a painterly style, 2k high res. Best when used with RaceMenu.

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Inspired by the wonderful Battle Hardened Warpaints, I set out to retexture the vanilla warpaint designs in a similar fashion. And so Painterly was born.

Version 1.0 retextures the 10 default designs available to guys and girls of all non-beast races, as well as all specific (non-beast) racial designs**. This is a 2k, high resolution retexture (2048x2048). I have also included several alternate textures for the default hand print design, on a varying scale of smeariness. Just rename whichever texture you prefer to "[fe]".

**small caveat: RaceMenu's Makeup Texture selection shows several textures that I haven't currently retextured, namely Black Blood tattoos, Forsworn
tattoos, and beast stripes/markings. See Future Plans for more details.

The main file replaces the default textures, so the main "Warpaint" slider will show the retextured designs. This also means that you will be able to select and layer designs in RaceMenu by default, with no need for an extra esp. (See images for RaceMenu location/details.) Please leave a comment if you're interested in a non-replacing, RaceMenu .esp version!


This mod relies on SKSE's fix for high-quality tint masks, in order to display them at their full resolution. To enable this, add the following lines to your SKSE.ini file (Data\SKSE\SKSE.ini):


Installation & Uninstallation

If you're using MO or NMM, install and uninstall like any other mod! :)

If you're not using a mod manager, simply extract the contents to your Skyrim folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim).

To uninstall manually, remove the following files:
Data\textures\actors\character\character assets\tintmasks\*Any filename containing "female" and "warpaint"*.dds
Data\textures\actors\character\character assets\tintmasks\*Any filename containing "male" and "warpaint"*.dds

Future plans

There are several unique racial designs that are only male or only female; however, selecting them through RaceMenu is an imperfect solution because the texture positioning is slightly misaligned. In the future, I plan to convert the unique designs to the opposite gender and release them as a RaceMenu plugin.

Forsworn tattoos are not included in version 1, because they are almost too intricate for the painterly style. However, I might make them a potential update if I'm so inclined/you all want them.

I will not be retexturing the beast race stripes/markings at all, or the Black Blood tattoos.


Please note that there is a potential for funkiness that is outside of my control. All my texture shapes are based on XCE's High Res retexture, which in turn is based on the very low res vanilla warpaint. With the variety of different morph shapes, the way textures map onto the face don't always look their best. In the example above, "vanilla"/XCE's retex is on the right and mine is on the left - both of them look pretty wonky simply because of the way the morphs are affecting the warpaint.