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Fixes the defective brow meshes in this game.

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A simple mod that fixes something that should have been fixed long ago. The default game humanoid brow meshes have defective shader settings, which causes transparency to fail with effects like ambient occlusion and IBL being applied. Bright lighting hides the flaw, but it becomes glaringly obvious in a shaded environment and in certain orientations. ENB preset authors have tried to hide it in their AO/IBL settings, but this is about as effective as putting a band aid on an infected wound. It's not really helping. The fix was to apply the shader settings from hair to the brow meshes - they are hair meshes too. Simple, stupid. This is a material flaw that Bethesda should fix in an update, but sadly, they don't care about their products and won't. So I did it for them.


Fixes the defective humanoid brow meshes. You will see a difference on any player characters you make, but sadly, the defective meshes are baked into the facegen meshes in the human npcs. Same with any custom NPCs. The facegens will all need to be re-generated - or- the brow mesh settings in the facegen need to be edited in Nifskope to have the fix applied. Whatever you do, do NOT regenerate custom NPC facegens in the CK, thinking you will fix them that way. Most of them have custom morphs applied through either Racemenu or ECE, so all you will do is make a horse face character with fixed brows. You've been warned! The solution is to kindly ask the mod author to do the fix for you. And be patient. They all have lives outside of modding. If you don't use an ENB, then I don't think this mod is going to do much for you.


There was an issue with the initial upload that caused ghosts to have opaque brow meshes that didn't match the face. This has been fixed in 1.1. The tutorial was updated on the new fix.


NMM recommended for installation. Manual, just extract the archive and place the contents in the data folder.


Q: WAT, I don't see this at all, fool.
A: If you use an ENB preset with ambient occlusion and/or IBL enabled you will. At low game resolutions, the blurry screen may hide the defect. At 4k screen resolution, it's a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

Q: Does this fix x or y NPC replacer mod?
A: No. Read the description again.

Q: Will you fix x or y mod for me then?
A: No. I have my own mods to fix.

Q: I'm a mod author, and people are buggin'. I hate you.
A: Sorry. Not sorry. Don't kill the messenger. I'm new to this game, and this problem has existed since the original version of Skyrim was released. Like a lot of other things in this game, it should have been fixed years ago.

Q: Oldrim version?
A: If there is enough demand for it. Or someone can do it themselves in about two minutes or less.

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