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Variants of the vanilla hoods that are lowered (not over your head). Male and Female. Beast Race support. Uses slot 45. Has patches for various mods and Creation Club content.

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  • Russian
  • Mandarin
Lowered Hoods


Lowered Hoods adds a few standalone hoods based on those found in the vanilla game, now taken off your head. Has patches for CC Necromantic Grimoire, WACCF, ACE, Wet and Cold, and More Craftabe Equipment.

  • Meshes based on the vanilla hoods found in-game, covering: Monk Cowls, Mage Hoods, Archmage Hood, Greybeards Hood, Thieves Guild (including Guild Master, Nightingale, and Karliah's), Psiijic Hood, Mythic Dawn Hood, Thalmor Hood, Dunmer Hoods,  and the Dark Brotherhood Robe Cowl
  • Multiple colors based variations found in-game
  • Male and female support (Karliah's is female only, but still shows up on males)
  • Beast Race support
  • Limited weight slider support: Mage Hoods and Karliah's Hood
  • Wear helmets (or even normal hoods) over these ones
  • Uses slot 45
  • Patches for Creation Club Necromantic Grimoire, ACE, WACCF, Wet and Cold, and More Craftable Equipment.
  • Shows off your luscious locks.
  • ESL Flagged

Q: Where can I find these hoods?
A: The same places you find the vanilla hoods, on people like mages or priests, containers like wardrobes, and in stores. You can also craft them at a tanning rack with 1 leather and 2 leather strips. You must also have the corresponding quests completed (i.e. Pieces of the Past for the Mythic Dawn and Taking Care of Business for the basic Thieves Guild hoods).
If you are using More Craftable Equipment and the patches for it, you can craft them at the looms added by that mod.

Q: What are the ids?
A: Open the console using ` and type: "help lowered".

Q: Is there clipping?
A: Some, about as much as vanilla hoods, the lowered mage hoods are the worst in this regard. The Karliah hood shows up on males but clips pretty horribly. The Chainmail hood with fur from the ACE patch also clips on males.

Q: Is there / will there be an Oldrim version?
A: Not from me most likely, however the permissions state that anyone can make one. If that person is you, send me a message and I'll add a link on the page.

  • More hoods: Thieves Guild, Mythic Dawn, Psijic - Done
  • ESL-ify/Flag as .esl - Done
  • Mod Support: WACCF, ACE, Wet and Cold - Done
  • Thalmor Hood - Done
  • Dumner Hoods - Done
  • Change Integration - Not really sure what to do here, the current integration works fine. Maybe move recipes to a tailoring bench if such a mod exists.

Practically everything. There are few additions to leveled lists but a bash patch should fix that. No bash tags are needed.
CasualKhajiit has made an Addon for Northborn Hoods - check it out.

Credits and Permissions:
All assets made by me are free to use, so long as your mod is under the the same permissions.
Otherwise contact me, I'll probably say yes.

kryptopyr for ACE and WACCF
TechAngel85 and isoku for Wet and Cold
Mur4s4me for the Frankly HD Nightingale patch.
Parapets for More Craftable Equipment and the amazing alternative Dynamic Lowered Hoods.

Thanks to Ousnius and Caliente for Outfit Studio.

Other Stuff to wear on your Head:
Normal Hoods with hairs: zzjay and grace darklings hoods with hair
Horns, for all the bosmer out there: TDN Equipable Horns
Blindfolds, for the budding moth priest or monk: Blindfolds of Skyrim
Bandanas, for pirates, bandits, and unarmed masters: Bandanas of Skyrim

My other Mods:
WeightLess: Change the weights of all kinds of items
Alchemist's Shack Overhaul: An all you need makeover of the vanilla Alchemist's Shack
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