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Many balance, consistency and immersion fixes to make Skyrim as it should be. Also, fixes some bugs not covered by USSEP.

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Many balance, consistency and immersion fixes to make Skyrim as it should be.
Also, fixes some bugs not covered by USSEP.


Check Vanilla Plus - Combat addon



  • Bandits, Reklings, Wolves - min 6 lvl
  • Draugrs, Ghosts, Sabre Cats, Spriggans, Thalmor - min 11 lvl
  • Bears, Forsworn, Trolls - min 16 lvl
  • Automatons, Falmers, Giants, Vampires, Werevoles - min 21 lvl
  • Daedra, Dragon Lairs, Dragon Preists - min 26 lvl


  • Followers are Essential
  • NPCs can run out of arrows/bolts
  • NPCs don't dodge arrows and spells when Player is hidden
  • NPCs don't use kill moves against Player (kill moves ignore Player's armor rating)
  • NPCs run out of Magicka as fast as Player
  • Stamina and Magicka regeneration penalty in combat is removed


  • NPCs move away faster and farther when bumped by Player
  • NPCs walk and run the same speed as Player
  • Sprinting drains lil bit less Stamina
  • Unique female NPCs use female walking animation


  • Animals don't drop gold/gems and always drop body parts
  • Unique items (Eg. Chillrend, Dragonbane, etc.) are unleveled
  • Quest gold rewards are unleveled
  • No Daedric, Dragon and Stalhirm armor and weapons in random loot
  • No lockpicks in inappropriate containers and merchants
  • No magical items in non-magical lists
  • No potions in inappropriate containers (E.g. urns)
  • No gold/gems in inappropriate containers (E.g. wardrobes)
  • Bandits use low level equipment (Bosses use better gear)
  • Draugrs use Ancient Nord equipment
  • Forsworn use Forsworn equipment
  • Orc Strongholds use Orcish equipment
  • Thalmor use Elven equipment
  • Random thieves and assassins drop unenchanted versions of TG and DB armor
  • Skeletons drop only what they have equiped


  • Lock's sweet spot size is halved
  • Lockpick's durability is consistent across all lock levels


  • Item's weight is more important, price is less
  • Max chance of pickpocket is 100%


  • 50% sneak boost against sleeping targets
  • Enemy alert times are doubled
  • Enemy FOV is reduced to 180*
  • Enemy "wallhacking" time, when player is spotted, is halved
  • Light, sound and weight are more important, Sneak skill is less
  • Spotting distance in exteriors is reduced


  • Bribe cost depends on speechcraft level instead of player level (low skill = high cost / high skill = low cost)


  • Smithing tree's left branch is only for Light equipment
  • Smithing tree's right branch is only for Heavy equipment
  • Armor and weapons not benefiting from Smithing perks now benefit from Steel Smithing
  • Crafting recipes are more consistent and logical
  • Steel Smithing perk is required to craft Leather armor
  • Smelter and Tanning Rack give Smithing XP
  • Dwemer Cogs, Gears, Levers, etc. can be smelted into ingots


  • Hiding in shadows enables Health/Stamina/Magicka regeneration
  • Transforming into Vampire Lord fears enemies up to level 25
  • Vampire Invisibility reduced to 60 seconds
  • Vampire Seduction has no level cap
  • Vampiric Drain spell magnitude is doubled
  • Vampires can't get Rested, Well Rested and Lover's Comfort bonus
  • Vampire Lord form can be used once per day


  • Beast form Health bonus is doubled and Health regeneration is enabled
  • Howl of Pack (with all perks) summons stronger Werewolves
  • Howl of Terror and Howl of Pack now have 60 seconds cooldown
  • Transforming into Werewolf fears enemies up to level 25


  • College of Winterhold can be accesed easier via persuasion/dragonborn options
  • Companions do not send Player to high level dungeons for their Radiant Quests
  • World Encounters can now start independently of Player level and/or quests progression


  • Animals and Creatures don't report crimes
  • Automatons have armor (50% damage reduction)
  • Chauruses have armor (25% damage reduction)
  • Dragons have armor (80% damage reduction)
  • Draugrs have 25% weakness to fire
  • Falmers have 50% resistance to poison
  • Flame Atronachs are level 10
  • Frost Atronachs are level 20
  • Ghosts can be killed only by Silver, Daedric and Bound weapons or Shock magic
* Dawnguard weapons and Rufuel Axe are considered Silver
  • Horses flee from combat
  • Horses have much bigger stamina pool
  • Predators are hostile to each other
  • Predators have reduced warn/attack radius and don't fight to death
  • Storm Atronachs are level 30


Mage Tree

  • Elemental Potency perk gives 100 Health to Atronachs
  • Impact perk has 50% chance to stagger targets
  • Mage Armor perks work while wearing armor
  • Necromage and Respite perks are swapped
  • Novice Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion and Restoration perks unlock spell scaling
* 1 skill point = +1% mangnitude (Destruction, Illusion, Restoration), +1% duration (Alteration, Conjuration)
  • Summoner perk (tier 2) requires 60 in Conjuration

Warrior Tree

  • Bladesman and Deep Wounds perks are lil bit more potent
  • Bleeding Damage of Hack and Slash and Limbsplitter perks scale more consistently
  • Devastating Blow and Savage Strike perks don't require "standing" power attack to work
  • Paralyzing Strike and Warmaster perks don't require "backward" power attack to work
  • Sweep perk doesn't require "sideway" power attack to work
  • Conditioning perk reduces armor weight by 50%
  • Reflect Blows perk gives 25% chance to reflect melee damage
  • Advanced Armors perk is called Scaled Smithing
  • Daedric Smithing perk is now second tier of Ebony Smithing
  • Ebony Smithing perk requires 70 in Smithing

Thief Tree

  • Novice Locks, Apprentice Locks, and so on, make ALL locks 20% easier to open
  • Deft Movement perk gives 25% chance to avoid melee damage
  • Unhindered perk reduces armor weight by 50%
  • Haggling perks bonus increased to 10% per tier
  • Misdirection perk requires 80 in Pickpocket
  • Muffled Movement perk reduces noise by 25%
  • Shadow Warrior perk has 5 seconds cooldown
  • Silence perk reduces noise by additional 25%
  • Stealth perks bonus increased to 10% per tier
  • Unbreakable perk is removed from the skill tree


  • Master level spells casting time is reduced to 1 second
  • Dead Thrall spell works on all targets and has no level cap
  • Chainlighting spell hurts only hostiles
  • Fireball spell hurts only hostiles
  • Calm and Fear spells are Novice level spells
  • Pacify and Rout spells are Adept level spells
  • Detect Dead spell is Adept level spell
  • Bound Weapons are Daedric quality
  • Muffle spell reduces noise by 50%
  • Ward spells cost less Magicka and scale consistently across tiers
  • Dual Casting "Turn Undead" spells family increases their magnitude instead of duration
  • Clairvoyance spell is moved to Alteration school
  • Staves and Scrolls benefit from perks
  • Spider Scrolls are unleveled
  • Reanimation spells work on Horses, Skeletons and Werewolves
  • DLC2 summonable creatures now benefit from Conjuration perks


  • The Tower Stone lets you unlock ANY lock, once a day


  • Ancient Knowledge affects armor AND weapons
  • Dragonslayer's Blessing lasts forever
  • Night Eye lesser power has unlimited duration (toggleable)
  • Nord's Battle Cry Power has 60 seconds duration and affects only hostiles
  • Summon Karstaag Power has unlimited uses


  • Call Storm shout hurts only hostiles
  • Dismay and Disarm shouts (with all 3 words) work on targets up to level 50


  • Armor and weapons stats are corrected to match vanilla progression
  • Circlets can be worn with hoods
  • Daedric and Dragonplate Armor stats are swaped to match Smithing tree progression
  • Dwarven, Elven and Orcish weapons stats are swaped to match Smithing tree progression
  • Ebony Mail gives 50% noise reduction and doesn't poison enemies while player is sneaking (to prevent accidental detection)
  • Gold have a weight of 0.01
  • Keys have a weight of 0.1
  • Health, Stamina and Magicka potions heal over 5 seconds and don't stack
  • Muffled Boots give 25% noise reduction
  • Muffled Boots (Unique) give 50% noise reduction
  • Nettlebane has new unique enchantement (+20 dmg to Spriggans)


  • No starting spells (Flames and Healing)
  • Crimes are more expensive but crime radius is halved
  • Fast travel takes the same amount of time as when traveling on foot
  • Mage's body in Helgen Keep now has boots
  • Master Trainers train skills up to level 100
  • Mining ore and chopping wood jobs pay less
  • Movable hand carts are now static (to prevent accidental deaths)
  • NPCs have more proper clothing/armor/weapon based on their class
  • Rooms in Inns cost 20 Septims
  • Traps are unleveled and deal max vanilla damage from the start
  • Unlimited training by Trainers
  • Removed force (of explosion) from some magic effects to reduce flying clutter


  • Fishes can't be catch with bare hands
  • Fishermen sell fishes
  • No catching of rare/valuable items when fishing


  • Hunger takes 48 hours to progress from Well Fed to Starving (same amount of time as Fatigue)
  • Raw meat/fish restore the same amount of Hunger as cooked meat/fish
  • No salt requirement for cooking meat/fish
  • Argonians don't have weakness to Cold
  • Orcs don't have resistance to Hunger
  • Vampires are immune to Hunger
  • Cold doesn't reduce movement speed
  • Hunger doesn't reduce sneak
  • Fatigue doesn't reduce potions power
  • Altars don't cure diseases, but blessings last for 24 hours and cost 1 Septim
  • Flame Cloak and Ancestor's Wrath give 50 points of Cold resistance


Install via any Mod Manager


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