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A minimalistic religion mod that allows you to worship at shrines or pray to refresh your divine blessings.

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A simple mod that makes shrines more immersive and adds aspects of religious worship.

No longer can you just accept any random blessing from any shrine. Using a shrine now presents you with a choice to worship the deity or not. If you do, you kneel in reverence and receive the deity's blessing and the Pray power, allowing you to pray to them anywhere.

However, blessings last for a much shorter time than in vanilla Skyrim: five hours instead of eight. Pray or worship at their shrine before the blessing runs out to reset the duration to two or three hours of real time respectively. You can keep the blessing up indefinitely in this fashion.

Should you let the blessing lapse, you will need to return to their shrine and choose to worship them again.


  • Akatosh - Dragon Soul: Increases armor by 50 points. Skill Books you read while praying grant an extra Skill Point in that skill.
  • Arkay - Arkay's Blood: Increases Health by 25 points. Healing potions consumed while praying are 50% stronger.
  • Dibella - Pleasures: Prices are 10% better. Food and potions consumed while praying last 25% longer.
  • Julianos - Inspiration: Increases Magicka by 25 points. Pray to quickly regenerate Magicka.
  • Kynareth - Wanderlust: Increases Stamina by 25 points. Pray to discover nearby map markers.
  • Mara - Hearth Healer: Healing spells and effects heal 10% more. Pray to cure diseases affecting you and allies.
  • Stendarr - Holy Fire: Deal 15% extra attack damage to undead, daedra and dragons. While praying, they can be seen through walls.
  • Talos - Stormlord: Shout cooldown is reduced by 20%. Pray to finish your shout cooldown instantly.
  • Zenithar - Spirit of Enterprise: Enchanting and smithing are 10% better. Pray to indicate the 15 nearest ore veins and plants.
  • Azura - Petals of Moonshadow: Resist 10% of magic. While praying, weapons can be recharged 25% more.
  • Boethiah - Assassinate: Deal 10% extra sneak attack damage. While praying, nearby people can be seen through walls.
  • Mephala - Venom: Poisons you mix are 15% better. Poisons applied to weapons while praying last for 2 extra hits.
  • Nocturnal - Mysteries: You are 10% harder to detect while sneaking. Pray to indicate the 15 nearest containers, doors and keys.
  • Auriel - Perception: Learn all skills 10% faster. Pray to sense the presence or absence of nearby opponents.