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About this mod

A simple script-free SKSE plugin makes you feel really hit something when target get hit.

Permissions and credits
What this mod does?
The mod gives the player visual feedback when target attacked, making it feel like your weapon really hit something. Just like other ‘hit stop’ mods do, but implement in a different way: It's script-free and fast, which means it can slow down and restore the weapon speed in correct timing.

If you are not satisfied with the default settings, you can change the settings by modifying the "hitStop.ini" file in the mod directory, the range is from 0~400 millisecond, you can also disable it while in 1st person mode. If you don't not like the camera shaking effect, you can also disable it in the "hitStop.ini" file. 

For people who want to change settings without restarting game, download the refesher tool in miscellaneous. It's an esl plugin, which allows you use console command to reload the ini settings (follow the readme.txt in it or article page).

Why Making this mod?
After trying out all the hit stop mods, I decided to write a new one using c++. Aims to improve the hit stop effect but not affect the combat fluency. So this mod does not pause game like TK, nor does it rely on scripts and cloak magic like SS. It mimic the hit feedback of Capcom games and will give hit feedback without delay.

How to Install?
  • SKSE for the correspond game version.
  • Address Library for SKSE Plugins.
  • Make sure you install all the requirements, download my mod install with MO2 (or drop dll and ini files into your SKSE/plugins folder)


Mod that change the player's base speed
  • Attack Speed Framework: if player base speed is 0, compatible

Custom behavior/animation
  • May need a test

there should be no compatibility issues with other hit stop mod theoretically. You can use all hit stop mod all together but not recommended.
  • TK HitStop: compatible (Recommend using the camera blur settings but no pause settings)
  • SS HitStop: compatible (But you may feel that it is inconsistent with the settings in the hitStop.ini file, which may be longer)

Recommended mods to be used together:

OnHit Animation Frameworks - SSE
Flinching - Script Free Edition
Retimed Hit Frames (Skyrim’s hit frame is much earlier than it should be, without this mod, you will feel target get hit when your weapon begin swing)

Fudgyduff for his CommonLibSSE
maxsu2017 for guiding in mod developing and special thanks to him for developing the configure refresher
JDM for the test video
WilliamsWang for create artwork picture for the mod

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