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Improve and diversify vanilla horses. Each type of horse has different speed and stats. Enhance overall handling and movement of horses. Suitable for vanilla plus gameplay. No new horses, no new mechanics, pure stats changes.

Permissions and credits
I was building a vanilla plus mods setup. Yet I cannot found a lightweight horse overhaul that suit my needs. Vanilla horses are always too slow, run out of stamina too fast, and too easy to die. During my search I found More Horses (Foals Herds Saddles and More), which is a great mod but the added horses and other features didn't suit my vanilla plus playthrough. Thus I based on its stats changes and movement tweaks to build my own horse mod.

This mod is based on More Horses (Foals Herds Saddles and More). Credits to Nyphani. If you want more horses and saddles, go check out the mod!


Improved Horses Movement and Handling

Horses sprint around 60% faster. More realistic feel like you are actually riding a horse!
Other movement tweaks based on More Horses,
Immersive Movement and my personal experience to achieve fluid handling.

More Stamina
Vanilla horse has like, 100 stamina (except Shadowmere), which is the same as your level 1 character. Your horse probably run out of stamina by sprinting from Whiterun Stables to Western Watchtower, which is lame. For a no-fast-travel playthrough, it is even more annoying.
Now every horses have a baseline 200 stamina, adding on 50 to 400 stamina depends on which type of horse.
(The stamina regeneration is halved so that when your horse run out of stamina you need to stop sprinting for a fair amount of time. You still have to somewhat  manage your horse stamina. )

Diversified Horses Stats
Each type of horse has their own stats! These values are tweaked/ tuned down based on More Horses.

Solitude (Lvl 4): Very Fast, Lowest Stamina, Lowest HP, Cowardly, Protected
Markarth (Lvl 4): Fast, Lower Stamina, Lower HP, Average Confidence, Protected
Riften (Lvl 4): Average Speed, Average Stamina, Average HP, Cautious, Protected
Whiterun (Lvl 4): Slower, High Stamina, Very High HP, Brave, Protected
Windhelm (Lvl 4): Slowest, Very High Stamina, High HP, Cautious, Protected
Frost (Lvl 25): Fastest, Extremely High Stamina, Extremely High HP, Cautious, Protected, Doesn't affect stealth meter
Shadowmere (Lvl 50): Fast, Highest Stamina, Highest HP, Brave, Essential, Doesn't affect stealth meter
Arvak (Lvl 35): Slower, Infinite Stamina, Extremely High HP, Cautious

Other Wild and unsaddled horses also have varied stats similar to their hold stable counterparts, but are not flagged as "Protected".

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
It is recommended to start a NEW GAME to have the stat changes on all horses!
Spawned horses will not receive any changes in stats.

Any mod changes the records Horse Movement Type, Horse Actor Value and Horse Race will be incompatible. I suggest you to take a look at Xedit to check the conflicts.

More Horses (Foals Herds Saddles and More): Not Compatible. If you want more horses and saddles as well as other features, use that mod instead.
Immersive Movement: Compatible. My mod will overwrite the horse movement type records.
Convenient Horses: Compatible. My mod will overwrite the horse movement type records. Not tested the training feature tho. And the combat style setting probably will overwrite the confidence changes.
Simple Horse: Should be Compatible. Not tested.
Probably will overwrite the confidence changes.

Heartland Horses: Meshes replacer. Subtle improvement. Make the horses looks better.
HD Reworked Horses: Best horse retexture mod! Brand new and most importantly it is on SSE page. From the legendary modder HalkHogan.
(Out of date) Hale - Horse Retexture: LE mod. It WAS the best horse retexture mod.
(Out of date) Ornate Saddles: LE mod. It WAS the best saddle retexture mod. Choose Leather and Fur Saddle.

Credits to Nyphani. This mod is based on his mod More Horses (Foals Herds Saddles and More). Most movement tweaks and stats changes are following his mod.