About this mod

New textures for all animals and most creatures. Over 100 textures total. Easy to choose your preferred texture through the use of Nexus Mod Manager (or Wyre Bash) installer with delightful image previews. All available textures are displayed in the image tab.

Permissions and credits

This mod is intended to be extracted with Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) or Wrye Bash. I have provided some limited choices in zip files for manual extraction if you are entirely against using NMM or Wrye Bash.

Check out Automatic Variants! My mod package is available at that link and can be used to see all textures in the game instead of just one per creature type.

This mod provides new and modified textures for wildlife, domesticated animals, and creatures in the game. This mod is a pack of replacers and does not add new variants to the game. You can just choose my textures to overwrite the default textures.


High res: same resolution as offered by Bethesda's high resolution content pack
Medium res: half the size of Bethesda's high resolution content pack (similar to what Skyrim runs by default)

Please note: Running too many high resolutions mods can crash your game. Use my medium resolution files if you are concerned.

There is a screenshot or NifSkope image of every creature, so feel free to look at what this mod has to offer. There are around 100 textures total. Some are just recolors, others are defaults which have been touched up significantly.

Number of textures offered for each creature (includes new colors and modifications to the defaults):

3 - Bear
4 - Chaurus
7 - Chicken
2 - Dartwing (+alchemical ingredient)
7 - Dog
4 - Elk/Caribou
4 - Fox (+pelts)
6 - Frostbite spider
3 - Goat
2 - Hawk
5- Highland cow
5 - Horker
15 - Horse
5 - Mammoth
4 - Mudcrab (+alchemical ingredient)
1 - Rabbit
7 - Sabre Cat
6 - Skeever
9 - Werewolf
5 - Wolf (+pelts)

Any mods that replace or modify the same textures or normal maps will obviously conflict. The last mod you install will overwrite your previous files. Mods that change a model significantly may not be able to utilize these textures (for example, La Femme Lycana modifies the werewolf mesh and works with this mod, however, Apex Werewolf uses a new mesh and will not support the werewolf textures in this mod).


My mod is complemented by Automatic Variants, Skyrim Creatures Alive, and other mods that increase the spawn rates of existing creatures.

No known compatibility issues with the following mods:

La Femme Lycana Female Werewolf Body
Skyrim Monster Mod
Skyrim Creatures Alive
Automatic Variants allows for creatures to spawn with multiple textures.

Thanks to Mancer for letting me use and modify his normal maps.
Thanks to isoku and Gopher for helping me get my NMM installer going.
Thanks to lojack for initially making a BCF of my mod and then teaching me how to make this mod compatible for Wrye Bash users.
Thanks to OpticShooter for the initial help with saving dds files properly.