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Changes when the aforementioned questlines begin to add some sense and fix a logic error in the unofficial patch.

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As many of you may have noticed, the questlines for Dawnguard and Dragonborn begin very early in the game, a little too early for many people's taste. Plus, without other mods to moderate them, they tend to start at about the same time. This mod attempts to alleviate this somewhat.

What this mod does is space out the starts for Dawnguard and Dragonborn so that they don't feel thrown in your face when you start the game, by making them hinge on the progress of the main quest. Dawnguard will now not begin until you complete The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, and, like the vanilla game, reach level 10, while Dragonborn will not begin until you complete Alduin's Bane and have at least started Dawnguard (as in the quest Dawnguard is visible in the journal or completed). Keep in mind that these requirements can be circumvented by going to the respective questlines's starting locations of your own accord.

This mod also fixes a minor annoyance that is introduced by the Unofficial Patch. The Patch tinkers with the Dawnguard start to fix a bug where Durak and the cultists would get locked in eternal combat if they spawned together, by preventing the Durak scene from triggering until the Dragonborn scene has triggered. This works, but it also causes some problems of its own. First off, the Guards are hard-coded to say the Dawnguard-starting rumor once the level requirement is reached, and since Dragonborn and Dawnguard tend to trigger in quick succession, this makes it highly unlikely that you'll ever see Durak's scene, especially since this mod pushes the Dragonborn start to a much later time. Secondly, Dragonborn chronologically occurs after Dawnguard, so it would make more sense to see the Dawnguard scene first (and since Dragonborn is dependent on Miraak learning of your status, while Dawnguard is largely unrelated to your status, coupled with the amount of time it would take for word of a Dragonborn to reach Solstheim in the first place). As such, I have blocked the Guard's rumor from playing until after Dawnguard starts to ensure the Durak scene occurs, and inverted Dawnguard's dependency so that Dragonborn requires Dawnguard to start first, thereby preserving the fix in a more logical fashion.