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This mod fixes a bug with the vanilla Radiant Story feature where certain NPCs report crimes while they are not supposed to.

Permissions and credits
For Skyrim Legendary Edition check out No Animals Report Crimes

Purpose :
There was an unexpected behavior with Skyrim’s Radiant Story(a unique storytelling feature that acts as a narrator for the player) when the game was released back in 2012. The design team started getting caught for crimes more often than they should have when they were developing the game, and it wasn't immediately obvious that the chickens were ratting them out. The bug was never fixed in any of the patches that came for Skyrim, probably because it was incredibly entertaining for the players and they requested to keep the game as is. Whatever the reason was, the bug still exists in the current version of Skyrim SE. 

In 2015, Pharros created a mod called “No Animals Report Crimes” to address this issue for the chickens and lots of other factions. He also offered the mod to the Unofficial Patch Project Team who had already fixed the bug for chickens at the time and Arthmoor from their team responded that they have decided to only keep changes to the farm animal and player horse factions as they were actual bugs. The rest of them are almost certainly incapable of reporting crimes as they have received no reliable reports that can be traced back to those. With all that said, I still wanted to have this fix in my mod list to avoid that 1% chance in which other NPCs might trigger this bug so I have re-created the NARC mod with a few improvements that I explained at the bottom of this page.
Instructions :
The main plugin and all consistency patches are provided inside the same archive in ESPFE format. It is recommended to deactivate unnecessary patches using a mod manager or manually before starting the game. In order to do so, you can follow the below instructions. This mod is safe to install, update and uninstall mid-game. There won't be any problems if you decided to merge all plugins together, after deactivating the unnecessary ones.

To deactivate unnecessary plugins:
If you don't use any of the mods mentioned in the compatibility section, you can deactivate all plugins but LCR.esp
Mod Organizer :
A. right-click on this mod in the left pane and click on Information to open the mod information dialog box.
B. Click on the Optional ESPs tab and then click on the plugin you want to deactivate in the right pane (Available ESPs).
C. Click on the minus button to move the mod to the optional plugins.
Vortex :
A. Click on the Plugins tab in the left pane to open the list of installed plugins.
B. Find the plugin you want to disable in the list.
C. Click on the unnecessary plugin's status and choose disabled.
Correct Load Order:
Creation Club Contents
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
[The rest of your mods]
Patches Starting with LCR.P001
Patches Starting with LCR.P002
Patches Starting with LCR.P003 (not yet released)
Patches Starting with LCR.P004 (not yet released)
Bashed patches and Other patchers' plugins
Compatibility :
This mod will only be incompatible with mods that modify the specified vanilla animal and creature factions shown in Creation Kit or TES5Edit. If any conflicts are found, I will report them here.

Compatible Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch 
Compatible One With Nature
Compatible Animallica
Compatible PerMa
Compatible - Ordinator
Compatible Immersive Citizens Overhaul
Compatible AI Overhaul

- Ani - Animal Tweaks *1
Supported - BTm - Beasts of Tamriel
Supported - BRh - Beyond Reach
Supported - BSB - Beyond Skyrim Bruma
Supported - Blz - Blaze of Eventide 
Supported - CvH - Convenient Horses
Supported - Dak - Darkend
Supported - DDr - Deadly Dragons
Supported - Fls - Falskaar
Supported - GCw - Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
Supported - Ihr - Immersive Horses
Supported - Obi - Organized Bandits in Skyrim
Supported - FrC - The Forgotten City
Supported - SIC - Skyrim Immersive Creatures
Supported - SkT - SkyTEST Animals *3
Supported - Tri - Triumvirate
Supported - Ult - Ultimate Dragons
Supported - WPg - Wild Penguins
Supported - SSk - Savage Skyrim
Supported - Req - Requeim
Supported - StE - Settlements Expanded 

Incompatible - NARC Remade *2
Incompatible - Critters Ain't Snitches
Incompatible - Unofficial Skyrim Modder's Patch *4

*1 Patches provided for OBIS and SkyTEST on Animal Tweaks page are obsolete if related LCR consistency patches are activated.
*2 NARC Remade is basically the same mod, except that you no longer have to choose between core modules, some unnecessary edits are removed and there are more consistency patches.
*3 SkyTEST only prevents vanilla Skyrim animals from reporting crimes. DLC creatures, bandits, and a few other factions are not covered by it.
*4 Already included there.
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