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Blaze is a fiery horse with following features: true flame effects, fiery footprints, illuminates surroundings, glows at night, follows player, custom summon mechanics and effects, fire damage immunity - fire heals instead, burns attackers, can explode for massive damage.

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  • Chinese - Mandarin


  • True flame effects.
  • Fiery footprints.
  • Illuminates surroundings.
  • Glows at night.
  • Follows player.
  • Custom summon mechanics and effects.
  • Fire damage immunity - fire heals instead.
  • Fiery avenger (burns attackers).
  • Can explode for massive damage (command issued by player).


  1. Download and install via NMM.


  1. Open console and type (StopQuest BOE).
  2. Save the game.
  3. Uninstall the mod.


Blaze is a summonable fiery horse. To learn the summoning powers you will have to find a book which is located inside of Drelas' Cottage (a small cabin located northwest of Whiterun, west of Hamvir's Rest, south of Morthal, in the vale between the mountains). Keep the book safe because it also serves as a configuration utility.

By reading the book for the first time you will learn two powers: "Blaze Summoning" and "Blaze Deployment". These are powers and not spells so use shout button to cast them. Summoning power is used when you want to ride. Deployment power is used to target the enemies ordering Blaze to seek after them and explode for area damage. Deployment can be used once every 5 minutes and cooldown timer can be tracked in active magic effects menu. Both powers can only be used in rideable zones.

Blaze can explode for massive fire damage. This is initiated by using Blaze Deployment power. When deployed Blaze will start to follow the target, overheat and finally explode. Explosion will deal both isntant and over time fire damage which scale up with every 10 player levels. Ground at the place of explosion will burn for a minute and deal additional fire damage to enemies standing in it. Only enemies will suffer from the explosion.

Blaze can be healed by casting any fire damage spell at it or bashing it with a torch.


  • Configuration menu is now invoked by reading a book.
  • Minor script tweaks and bug fixes.