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Magic Overhaul for Requiem. This mod adds over a hundred spells to Requiem, as well as adjusting vanilla spells and adding perks.

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Requiem - Expanded Grimoire

Requiem - Expanded Grimoire adds over a hundred new spells to Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul, as well as changing existing spells and the magic perks. This is for the unofficial conversion to SSE for 4.0.1. It does this by merging other spell mods together, and editing the spells to work with Requiem. An optional plugin rebalances illusion, and mages in general. All ranked spells have been renamed, so the magic system now feels more unknowable. With over two hundred spells in the Grimoire, no one character can reasonably use all spells, so the magic system feels much larger. All spells that previously could only be found in certain places have been merged into leveled lists, to prevent the need for metagaming. Leveling speed has been modded so that each school of magicka levels at the same speed.

Earth, Sun, Poison, Absorb Health and Wind are now fully fleshed out elements of magic, with a perk tree and over a dozen spells each. Earth is under Destruction. Sun and Poison are under Restoration. Absorb Health and Wind are under Alteration. Each element of magic has the below ten generic spells, in addition to the unique ones.

  • Beam, Ray and Vortex: Novice, Adept and Master Beams spells respectively. Improved spells reach longer distances. Adept and master level spells are also wall spells. All beam spells have a one second charge time to prevent exploiting.
  • Wave and Surge: Apprentice and Expert AOE spells. Surge travels a longer distance. Uses 50% more magicka than same tier bolts.
  • Touch and Grasp: Apprentice and Expert touch spells. All touch spells do 50% more damage then same tier bolts.
  • Blast: Adept level concentration touch spell. Does 50% more damage than Ray.
  • Rune and Greater Rune: Apprentice and Expert Rune spells.
  • Cloak: Adept level.

A new infusion system lets you use spells to change your weapon enchantment at any time. Just enchant your weapon with the new infusion enchantment, and cast one of over a dozen spells, and your weapon will do different types of damage, scaling with the skill that the spell is under. These cost a little magicka to cast, but each hit with your weapon costs magicka. Experience is gained on hit. 


Absorb Health

  • Absorb spells now have a perk tree and a full roster of spells. Absorb health spells do the same damage as the same tier destruction spells, resisted by total target health, where each 10 health gives 1% resistance, up to a cap of 80% at 800 health. This means that absorb health is powerful, but only against weak opponents. 
  • The items and spells that previously gave 100% absorb resistance now only give 50%.
  • Requiem absorb spells removed from leveled lists.
  • Hemomancy Perks added to Alteration.
  • Hemomancy: Levels 25 and 50 15% damage increase perks.
  • Drain Strength: Absorb spells also absorb stamina at level 75.
  • Drain Willpower: Absorb spells also absorb magicka at level 100.
  • Entropic Explosion and Death Field: Adept and Master level explosion spells.
  • Absorb health, stamina and magicka infusion spells added. Absorb half your alteration skill per hit.

  • Wind spells do stamina damage, and have a perk tree and a full roster of spells. The new spells do 200% the damage of destruction spells, resisted by magic resistance.
  • Wind spells knockdown enemies that are below certain levels of stamina and stagger stronger ones. Empowering spells increases the stamina level that enemies are knocked down under.
  • As the Undead, Draugr and Dwemer have basically unlimited stamina, Wind spells don't effect them until high level wind perks are taken.
  • Aeromancy: Level 25 and 50 perks. Increase all Telekinetic damage.
  • Aeromantic Strength: Level 75 perk. All Wind spells knockdown almost all targets.
  • Aeromantic Mastery: Level 100 perk. All Wind spells knockdown or stagger all targets.
  • Whirlwind infusion added. Does double your alteration skill in stamina damage, and throws or staggers targets based on your alteration skill. 

  • Dual casting Candlelight or Magelight creates a larger light.
  • Featherfalling triples jumping height. Dual casting Featherfalling allows waterwalking.
  • Flame/Frost/Shock Shell. Apprentice resistance spells. Scales from 15% to 67%.
  • Transmute Water renamed and duration nerfed.
  • Paralysis infusion added. Has a chance to paralysis on each hit.
  • Brisk step. Novice spell to increase running speed.
  • Mark and Recall is now Alteration, not Conjuration.


  • All Requiem Poison spells removed from leveled lists in favor of new versions.
  • All new poison spells do 150% the damage of the same tier destruction spells, but over 10 seconds.
  • Poison spells only work against the living. The Undead, Draugr and Dwemer are unaffected.
  • Venomancy perks added to Restoration.
  • Venomancy: Levels 25 and 50 15% damage increase perks.
  • Sap Strength: All poison spells damage stamina as well.
  • Poison Mastery: 25% poison resistance, as well as a small damage bonus.
  • Poisonbolt and Toxicbolt. Apprentice and expert bolt spells.
  • Poisoncloud and Death Wind. Adept and Master level explosion spells.
  • Anima Explosion: Adept level spell.
  • Metastasize and Scourge of Thras: Expert and Master level spells.
  • Poison infusion added. Does 150% your restoration skill over ten seconds.

  • All sun spells do 150% the damage of the same tier destruction spells, resisted by fire damage, but only working against the undead.
  • Sunburst, Sunfire and Sunfire Cloak re-balanced and merged into leveled lists. 
  • Divine Light perks added to Restoration.
  • Divine Light: Levels 25 and 50 15% damage increase perks.
  • Blinding Light: All sun spells stagger all targets, not just the undead.
  • Mysticism: Now requires Blinding Light, not Improved Healing.
  • Anima Explosion: Adept level spell. A sunburst that follows a trajectory. Does 50% more damage than sunburst.
  • Charged Nova: Expert level explosion at self sun spell.
  • All sun spells now work on Ghosts and Summoned Spirts as well.
  • Repulsion runes added.
  • Sun infusion added. Does 150% your restoration skill in damage to undead.

  • Heal Self now a novice spell.
  • All healing auras now last two hours.
  • Healing aura now works much faster, so it is actually viable as a healing spell.
  • Healing aura visuals removed.
  • All healing auras when dual casted provide protection from poison.
  • Strong healing aura spells added. Adept level.
  • Powerful healing aura spells now master level.
  • Protect from poison spells removed.
  • Fast Healing now cures Poison if Empowered.
  • Close Wounds now cures Poison as well as Disease if Empowered.
  • Improved Healing perk changed to act like respite when out of combat.
  • Respite perk only works in combat.
  • Gnosis: Adept level spell. Swaps health and magicka.
  • Ward spells charge twice as fast.

  • Turn undead/banish daedra infusions added. Works on enemies at a lower level to your restoration.
  • Banish Daedra spells are now under restoration, so Paladins can banish Daedra without learning Conjuration.
  • Requiem Dispel renamed to Cleanse. Dispel, and Dispel on Target added. Weaker versions of Cleanse.

  • Greater Firerune, Icerune and Lightning Rune now expert spells, no longer given for free by the rune mastery perk.
  • Weakness to Fire/Frost/Shock. Apprentice level spells that weaken elemental resistance and cause small amounts of fire/frost/shock damage.
  • Arcane explosion: Expert level annihilation spell.
  • Fiery/Icy Ray added. Adept spells.
  • Lightning Ray is now an Adept spell.
  • Fire/Frost/Shock infusion added. Does your destruction skill in damage on each hit.
  • Annihilation infusion added. Does 50 irresistible damage per hit.
  • Spellbreaker infusion added. Breaks enemy magic effects, and does 200 magicka damage.
  • Arcane Vortex has been rebalanced to match other Master spells.

  • Earth spells do 150% physical damage, so they are powerful against unarmored foes, but weak against anyone wearing armor.  
  • Geomancy Perks added to Destruction.
  • Geomancy: Levels 25 and 50 15% damage increase perks.
  • Knockout: Higher level Earth spells can knockout targets. At level 75.
  • Earth Mastery: You gain 200 AR and Earth spells are more efficient. At level 100.


  • Chaos Fireball: Adept level spell. A fireball that follows a trajectory. Does 50% more damage than fireball.
  • Sol Illictus: Fires a miniature sun at an enemy. Master level.

  • Frozen: Adept level spell. Freezes enemies.
  • Icy cannonade: A ball of ice that follows a trajectory. Does 50% more damage than fireball.
  • Frostpiercer: Expert level spell that travels a long distance and goes though enemies.
  • Comet Barrage: Master level spell.
  • Physical damage removed and effected spells rescaled, as it was bugged.

  • Unstable current: Apprentice chain lightning.
  • Crimson Bolt: Long distance bolt. Does more damage as you are injured.
  • Distortion Flux: Adept level spell.


  • Summon Corrupted Shade.
  • Summon Ghostly Knight. 
  • Summon Wispmother.
  • Summon Corrupted Lich.
  • Summon Ghostly Ebony Knight. 
  • Summon Ghostly Draconic Knight. 
  • All the above summons are spirts, effected by the same perks as ghost summons.

  • Dismiss. Apprentice spell that dismisses conjured creatures.
  • Soul trap infusion added.

Bound Weapons
  • New bound weapons are added to the game for Greatswords, Warhammers, War Axes, Maces and Light Bows.
  • All spells are apprentice level.
  • Bound weapon spell scale with your bound weapon perks. These improve the weapons, so they scale throughout the game from untempered iron to tempered daedric. Higher tier weapons generate more conjuration exp.
  • Both Light and Heavy Bows now summon improved tiers of arrows as the spell you are using increases in tier, increasing armor piercing as your weapons improve. 
  • All spell tomes have been integrated into leveled lists. No more sneaking into Fort Amol.
  • Bound weapons now use the infusion system for enchantments.

  • Deep Analysis: Shows enemy statistics.
  • Flash step: Adept level. Teleport behind enemy.

Balance Changes
  • Optional Plugin, rebalancing Illusion, and Mages in general.
  • Damaging and healing destruction, restoration and alteration spells now receive a 30% boost in magnitude when you take the next higher level perk. e.g. Firesparks receives a 30% damage boost when apprentice destruction perk is taken. This is so they continue to be viable until the next version of that spell e.g. Fireshock is available.
  • Transmute muscles halved in magnitude, but now increases health, stamina, carry weight, and unarmed.
  • Illusion upkeep spells changed to normal buffs, with double the base magicka cost.
  • Visual manipulation perk gives night eye lesser power.
  • All mage armor granted by illusion spells removed. Shadow Shield is now Shadow Speed, and increases movement speed instead. No more 1000 AR from Illusion.
  • Mark and Recall is now Alteration, not Conjuration due to lore reasons, and added to leveled lists.
  • Blur has been reworked. It now has three levels based on perks, not empowering. Take apprentice illusion and visual manipulation to improve it. This should stop the need to rush illusion to 35.
  • All buff spells now give passive exp instead of exp at the start of combat. This is to prevent metagaming.
  • Fortify Conjuration, Alteration etc. enchantments now don't stack with themselves, although they do with each other. This prevents the player getting spells cost down to 0%.
  • All Master Half Cost Spell Perks have been changed to unlock at 90 skill level. This is to bring them in line with Illusion, as well as the Ritual Quests.
  • The regenerate magicka enchantment has been buffed to match that of College Robes.

No levelup spells

  • Optional Plugin, removing the free spell Requiem gives on taking perks.

  • Poison spell meshes by Jay093
  • Bound weapon meshes by Gruftlord
  • Featherfalling script by T3nd0
  • Sun wall by Madcat221.
  • Infusion cost script by Esvs.

  • Load after Fozars Dragonborn.
  • Load after 3Tweaks. Some spells wont quite match the 3Tweaks changes. Probably needs a patch by the 3Tweaks author.
  • Balance changes replicates Noxcrab's Illusion changes. The main file is compatible. 
  • Don't use with Noxcrab's Destruction or Alteration.
  • Patches for Special Feats, Frostfall, Trade Routes and Honed Metal are available.

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