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Attempts to fix animals and monsters reporting your crimes to the local human authorities. Open beta - needs testing.

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Welcome!  After publishing my Ultimate Dragon Age: Origins Fixpack last year (it's pretty much the DA:O version of USSEP), I've decided to branch out some.  So, please enjoy my first Skyrim: Special Edition mod!

This mod attempts to fix the issue where some animals and monstrous creatures that witnessed you committing a crime (murder, assault, trespassing, stealing, etc.) would report you to the local human authorities.  Yes - that's correct... without this patch, if a dog or a giant sees you steal something, they'll rat you out to the local cops and you'll get a bounty on your head.  Immersive, it is not.  (EDIT:  I just realized that USSEP actually does partially fix this issue for horses and chickens only... thus I changed that description to "dogs and giants", heh.)

This mod is in BETA.  I cannot currently confirm that it serves its intended purpose because I don't currently know where in game the issue can be replicated consistently.  If you are aware of how and where this bug can be replicated, please let me know where in the Posts tab, or try to do it with this mod installed and report back!

There used to be a mod for SSE that handled this issue comprehensively - but poorly, in my opinion - called "I Didn't See Nuthin'" (henceforth referred to as IDSN).  The .ESP for it was called SE_crimereport.esp.  It was also incorporated into a package called HASTE by the same author.  Sometime in January 2018, a few days after HASTE's release, both mods were removed from the Nexus and the mod author deleted his Nexus account for reasons unknown to me.  I do not recall the modder's name, and do not feel it necessary to extend credit anyway, because:

If you managed to get a copy of either of those mods that incorporated IDSN's fixes before they disappeared, you should definitely replace it with this mod or just uninstall it altogether.  I have a theory that IDSN modified way more factions than was necessary - 28 records in total.  CAS (my mod) attempts to fix the issue more thoroughly by modifying only 7 faction records.  Of those (allegedly, in theory) unnecessary and redundant edits that IDSN made, four of them conflicted with and overwrote USSEP fixes, and one of them overwrote a key change in SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators.  No attempt was made to forward the changes by these important mods.  By eliminating what I believe are redundant faction edits, this mod has no conflicts with USSEP.  It does not require USSEP either.

According to my research, this crime reporting *shouldn't* be happening at all.  Supposedly, only factions that have a "crime faction" set up should be reporting crimes (see here.).  Now, perhaps the reporting is happening because an animal faction is *allied* to a human faction that has a crime faction.  If that is the case, though, then the only way I can see that setting the "ignore crime" flags would fix the problem is if *any* faction that a creature has has those flags turned on.  And damn near every monstrous creature and animal in the game has one of these three factions "CreatureFaction", "PreyFaction" or "PredatorFaction" (I verified this manually - took a while).  I only had to touch four other tiny factions in order to cover every animal and creature I could find in the creation kit.

Because the way I figure it, a horse that has both the "creature" and "horse" factions isn't reporting you because the object you're stealing specifically belongs to the horse faction.  And if setting the "ignore" flags can stop the crime report at all, it seems unlikely that it would require those flags to be set on BOTH "horse" and "creature", when the object being stolen doesn't actually belong to either the "horse" or "creature" factions or any possible allies.

If I'm right, this mod can fix the issue in a very non-invasive manner that should be compatible with almost all other mods that don't directly attempt to fix the same issue.  IDSN changed every "animal" faction - 28 faction records.  This mod only changes 7 faction records, and none of them conflict with USSEP, so this mod at least won't commit the active harm that IDSN did.

So - please give this a shot and let me know if it works!  And if someone can tell me where there's a stealable object with an animal nearby that will consistently make crime reports, please let me know so I can test it myself as well!

Requirements:  None.

Compatibility and Conflicts:

Fully compatible with USSEP.

Can only conflict with mods that alter any out of a very small number of vanilla faction records of creatures and animals.  No conflicts with all but one of the 209 mods in my modlist, which covers a whole lot of major mods.

If it works, then this mod should work well with and apply its changes to creatures added by Beasts of Tamriel and Skyrim Immersive Creatures and any other mod that adds creatures/animals to the game and properly assigns them to the CreatureFaction, PreyFaction or PredatorFaction factions.

There are some conflicts with SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators by etayorius.   SkyTEST attempts to fix this issue for the vast majority of animals, but does not seem to address most monstrous creatures, so this mod is still useful when using SkyTEST RA&P.  Patches are available under Optional Files for the CCSM (Creation Club Survival Mode), NOSM (No Survial Mode) and Behavior Only-Light versions.

If you are aware of any other mod that could conceivably conflict with this mod, please do let me know in the Posts tab!  I visit Nexus quite regularly and can generally turn out a patch within a day or two.  And one final time - if you can tell me where this issue can be replicated consistently, please do!

Credit:    To my wonderful, loving and infinitely patient fiancé who for some unknowable reason continues to not only put up with, but actively supports, all the time I spend making mods for you.

I hope it works, and I hope you'll all enjoy if it does!

EDIT:  Forgot to mention, IDSN also made modifications to the crime report radius - the distance guards can be from the crime's witness in order for the crime to be reported.  I did not make those changes in Critters Aint Snitches, as I felt some people would prefer to have this fix without that additional tweak.  If you'd like that tweak, I recommend Believable Crime Report Radius.

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