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Allows you to throw your equipped weapons in VR by holding a button, swinging your hand, and releasing it. All six melee weapon types, shields and torches are supported. Supports vanilla and mod added weapons. Includes Auto-Return and Auto-Aim features. Comes with an MCM to configure every setting.

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This mod is an SKSE plugin that allows you to throw your equipped weapons.

It doesn't come with its own throwable weapons. It makes any vanilla or mod added melee weapon or shield or torches throwable. Even bound weapons!


Hold the "button", swing your hand to the direction you want weapon to go, let go of the button in one quick motion just like throwing a real life object. The "button" is Trigger by default but can be changed from MCM.

You can throw with your left hand or right hand, or both at the same time!


There are two modes for throwing a weapon: Auto-Return and Classic(Auto-Return disabled)

The mod ships with "Thor's Hammer Medium" preset selected, so auto-return mode is enabled for all weapons by default.


In Auto-Return mode, which can be selected from MCM for each weapon type, the thrown weapon returns when you press the "button" again after it's gone flying off your hand. You can recall it in the middle of the flight if you want, you can recall it after it hit an npc etc. it's up to you. If you don't recall it for 30-600 seconds(Configurable in MCM), it returns by itself to your hand. The weapon is equipped again on return. The return has a very cool visual and sound effect too.


If Auto-Return mode is disabled for a weapon, you can pick up your thrown weapons from the environment and they will be transferred to your inventory. There is an optional Auto-Equip on pickup setting in the MCM if you want to equip it automatically when you pick up a thrown weapon and your hand is empty.

There are Reequip options in the MCM if you want to equip the same weapon or similar automatically after a throw if you have more.

When you hit an NPC with the thrown weapon, you may find it in their inventory when you look at it, they can also use that weapon in combat before they die.


  • Bound weapons are throwable including Spellsiphon bound weapons. You can't pick those up from the ground or have them return to you of course.
  • Auto-Aim is added in version 1.1. It's completely adjustable from MCM. It selects a target according to how close you got with your throw trajectory. It also follows that target in case it runs away!
  • Weapons spin on throw based on throw direction and orientation. Configurable in MCM including spin amount.
  • There is an Impact Force that comes with it. Knocks and throws NPCs away. Configurable in MCM.
  • There is a Stamina Cost/Requirement to throw weapons now. Stamina cost configurable for each weapon type in MCM.
  • Your throw speed matters. It changes the speed of the thrown weapon projectile and the impact force on the victim.
  • Damage is calculated from the base damage of the weapon * damage multiplier in the MCM for each weapon type.
  • Weapon enchantments are applied to the victim. Supports FEC.
  • Poison on the weapon is applied to the victim.
  • Glow shader, Enchantment shader and Enchantment art are shown on thrown weapons. Configurable in MCM.
  • There is haptic effect on controllers on weapon throw and weapon catch. Configurable in MCM.
  • There is a special dagger called "Dagger of Travel" which allows you to instantly travel to weapon hit location on button press. You can build this weapon on a forge. This is a sample weapon for this functionality that can be added to other weapons by other authors with a keyword.

It's named WeapTypeTravel. You can find in xEdit: Screenshot.

As long as a weapon has WeapTypeTravel keyword from WeaponThrowVR.esp, it acts like Dagger of Travel.
There is also a mod that adds that keyword to all Dragonbone weapons:
Also, probably some kind of config can be made to give it to any weapon you want using Keyword Item Distributor as well.

  • Supports VR Arsenal. 12 keywords added for VR Arsenal integration for different types of throwables: Kunai, Shuriken, Spear, Chakram, Boomerang, Grenade (Fire, Shock, Frost options), Poison Grenade, Heal Grenade, Rock, Glass Bottle, Snowball, Soulgem. They have separate settings in MCM just like other weapon types and different functionalities.
  • There is Shield and Chakram ricochet functionality. They return to your hand on hit immediately. Configurable in MCM.
  • Supports spellsiphon imbuement.
  • VRIK is supported, meaning if you pick up something from a holster and throw it, you can pick another one from the holster to throw again. In auto-return mode, the holster is not destroyed even if you throw the last one of that weapon. Also supports the new gestures of course.
  • Locational Damage VR supports this mod on its latest update (version 0.7 or above). You will be able to headshot npcs by throwing your weapon.
  • Supports Maximum Carnage. Various gore effects are applied on enemies killed by weapon throw. Optional in MCM with percentage settings. Also a melee implementation is added in version 1.3.6. Check Maximum Carnage Implementation section for details.
  • Supports FISS. You can save/load your preset in MCM presets page.
  • Left handed mode is detected and supported automatically. You can even change back and forth between left and right handed mode without issues in the same game.

Important: Do not change formids of this mod, don't merge it with other mods, don't change the name of the Esp, and don't try to eslify it. Assets are loaded from the skse plugin by formids. Any changes to them would result in breaking the mod.



Install with a mod manager or manually. It includes skse plugin dll, mcm script, esp plugin, and three mesh files.

Load order doesn't matter.

Regarding file conflicts between this and some other mods, those files are for FISSES support. If you have FISSES, let FISSES overwrite them all. If you don't have FISSES, it doesn't matter which overwrites because they are not used in any way.


This mod has two separate integrations for Maximum Carnage - Nexus version 9.0:

1- Weapon Throw Gore can be enabled from MCM->Special page->Maximum Carnage section with the settings:

Maximum Carnage Chance: You can set this between 0-100 to get gore from thrown weapons.
Humanoid Decapitation Chance: You can set this between 0-100 to get decapitation gore from thrown weapons. Note that if you are using this, I suggest disabling arrow decapitation from Locational Damage VR mod.

2- Melee Gore can be enabled from MCM->Special page->Maximum Carnage section with the settings:

Maximum Carnage Melee Chance: You can set this between 0-100 to get gore from melee attacks. Before using this, make sure you deleted Maximum Carnage's SPID ini file (MaximumCarnage_DISTR.ini) so that the original implementation of the mod is disabled. This setting enables script-free VR specific implementation of MC inside this mod's dll. It uses records from MC, but activates them with no performance cost and with much better locational checks. If you are using this, MCM of Maximum Carnage has no effect. Also do not contact Maximum Carnage author if you have problems, contact me.
Melee Carnage only for Team: If this is enabled, only Player and followers can cause melee gore. If this is disabled, melee gore can happen between NPC-NPC melee attacks as well.

Melee implementation uses PLANCK if installed for better Player-NPC locational checks. But can be used without PLANCK as well with a fallback implementation that is also used for NPC-NPC checks.
This implementation doesn't have a power attack requirement for attacks to cause gore. Only locational and chance based checks are there.

Melee Carnage Fallback: If this is enabled, MC integration will try to always show gore even if the hit shouldn't cause any because of hit location.

Melee Carnage Slow Time: If this is enabled, Player caused melee gore will activate the Slow Time effect of Maximum Carnage.

Make sure you are not using Maximum Carnage Tweaks mod or other mods that modify the esp file. They are not supported, and not necessary because this includes a separate implementation.


This mod comes with an MCM to configure the settings. Let's go over the settings and what they do:


In the Presets page, you can load your desired mod settings easily with one press of a button. If you want, you can make any changes you want from the appropriate page yourself. 

Thor's Hammer presets use the new Auto-Return mode that came with version 1.1. Thor's Hammer Medium preset is also the default preset the mod starts with. In auto-return mode, thrown weapons return to your hand after pressing the button or 5 seconds.

presets have the original no Auto-Return mode. In this mode the thrown weapons do not return and can be collected from ground or people's inventories like arrows.

As a tribute to Cangar and Arctal, I added their presets here as special presets. If any of you guys have a tested and proven great idea for a collection of options that can be a added as a new special preset, send me screenshots of mcm and I can add yours here too.

If you have FISS installed, you can save and load your own presets here too.


In the General page, you can Enable or Disable weapon types from throwing under Allow Throw.

You can Enable or Disable rare material types from throwing under Materials (Ebony, Dragonbone, Daedric, Stalhrim, Glass, Elven).

You can change the Hold Button from Trigger to something else. Hold button is the button you use to throw the weapon. You hold the button, swing your hand, and release the button to throw. Left and Right hand buttons are set individually.


In the Settings page, you can change various settings.

Gravity setting changes the gravity applied to thrown weapons. 0.273 value is what skyrim normally uses for arrows. Earth gravity corresponds to 0.981.

Enable Torch Drop is used to determine if a torch will be dropped when you throw a torch when auto-return mod is disabled. If this option is disabled, torch is destroyed but you see an explosion and fire at target location.

Button Release when Untouched changes the throwing action to release when hold button is not touched or when hold button is not pressed.

The settings below are only used when Auto-Return is disabled for that weapon type:

Prevent Player Upgraded option prevents throwing player improved weapons.

Prevent Player Favorited option prevents the weapons favorited in your UI to be thrown.

Reserve Last Weapon option prevents you from throwing the last one of a weapon in your inventory. For example if you have 2 steel daggers, you can throw 1 of them but not the last one.

Re-Equip After Throw option equips your last thrown weapon automatically to your hand again IF you have another one of the same weapon in your inventory. If you want to pick up weapons from VRIK holsters after each throw, disable this.

Re-Equip After Throw Similar option is the same as the above one, except it equips other weapons of the same weapon type you were holding like if you don't have any iron dagger left but you have steel daggers, it equips those.

Auto-Equip Picked Up option equips the thrown weapons immediately after you pick them up from the ground (if your hand is empty).


In the Speed page you can change Minimum Throw Speed required for throwing for every individual weapon type. Default value should work for most. Note that if you change this, you may need to adjust Speed Multipliers in Settings page because speed takes your throwing speed/minVelocity into account.

Minimum Travel Distance values for each weapon type can be set here too. These are not used in any calculation, but used to make it harder for you to throw those weapons.

There are also Second Hand Multiplier parameters in this page to adjust the values for your left hand for those with worse left arms.


In the Special page, you can adjust settings for Auto Aim, Auto-Travel, Boomerang, Ricochet, Maximum Carnage.


In the Effects page you can change Haptic settings, Auto Return Visual and Sound FXThrown Weapon Glow and Enchantment art effect.

Auto Return Visual and Sound FX setting enables the wooshing sound and visual effects that appear when a weapon starts returning to your hand.

Thrown Weapon Glow is a weapon shader that can be used to make thrown weapons easier to detect. Note that this replaces enchantment shader if the weapon is an enchanted weapon (But enchantment art is left intact).

Enchantment Art Effect setting enables enchantment visuals you see when the weapon is on your hand to the thrown weapon. If there is an enchantment art on the weapon, that effect results in a cool trail behind the weapon during flight. I recommend using a cool visual enchantment effect mod.


In the Advanced section you can change Thrown Weapon Offsets and Enable log settings.

Thrown Weapon Offset values are used to correctly align thrown weapons so that when they are stuck on an NPC, on a wall or log etc. they appear correctly.

Enable Log setting enables logging. Log file resides in "My Documents\my games\Skyrim VR\SKSE\WeaponThrowVR.log". Note that it's not recommended to keep logging enabled for regular play. It would cause performance drop.


It's compatible with all mod added weapons, except bound weapons from mods like Colorful Bound Weapons.

It's compatible with Spellsiphon, meaning spellsiphon bound weapons can be thrown and spellsiphon imbuement is taken into account in thrown weapons.

It's compatible with Frozen Electrocution Combustion, meaning if the weapon you threw was enchanted, npc is affected by that type of magic damage.

It's compatible with VRIK, meaning you can pick up weapons from the holsters and throw them, and you can pick it up again if you have more of the same weapon in your inventory.

It's compatible with Locational Damage SKSE VR(0.7 or above), meaning you'll have headshot bonus if you manage to throw the weapon to their heads.

It's compatible with VR Arsenal (3.0 or above), meaning the different weapon types have different adjustable settings in MCM and different functionalities.

It's compatible with Maximum Carnage version 9.0, meaning gore is applied according to weapon types and spin orientations to supported enemies if death by weapon throw occurs. Also Melee implementation is added in 1.3.6. Check Maximum Carnage Integration section for more info.

Super Fast Get Up Animation causes your targets to turn invisible with this mod. You can use D13 Faster Get Up instead.

Another Archery Patcher (Synthesis Patcher) would change this mod's values and cause issues. If you are running that patch, deactivate WeaponThrowVR.esp first and then reactivate it after running that patch.


  • Cangar, prog, frazaman, blazeyboyyy, Wolfman5750, markand1019, Arctal, Rallyeator, Mango Pirate, Jayombie, TheRetroCarrot for testing.
  • prog, frazaman, po3, aers, Expired, Atom, Arctal, Mango Pirate for any help and brainstorming.
  • Arctal for finding the visual and sound effects.
  • Rallyeator for artwork.
  • faxivcm for the original mesh from DaggerCraftPackage, which is used to make the new Dagger of Travel model.
  • TerenceYao for FISSES. This mod includes two scripts file from it to support it.


  • SSE version (Probably never going to happen)
  • Let me know if you have any other ideas for the future.