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Enables mouse for SkyUI-VR. You can use your controllers to control the cursor like a smart tv remote.

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The code that made this possible was found by Expired. Big Thanks to him!!!

This mod is an SKSE plugin that enables Mouse in menus again. 

It requires SkyUI-VR of course. It's basically plug and play and you'll have a mouse in menus that you'll be able to control with your controller.

Default Click button is Trigger. You can change that from the ini file to any button you want.

Since this enables mouse, you may want your old functionality back in some cases such as scrolling in inventory menu etc. You can point your controller down or outside of the menu area and then scroll. When the mouse is outside of the menu area, the mouse functionality is disabled.



It should be compatible with everything.


Install with a mod manager or manually. It includes an skse plugin dll and a config file only which goes to "Data\Skse\Plugins".

Load order doesn't matter. It can be installed and removed anytime during a save game. 


This mod comes with an ini file: MenuMouseFix.ini

You can change "ClickButton" setting to change the mouse click button. Default is trigger.

You shouldn't change any other settings if you don't know what you are doing. You can experiment with them though. For example if you are not happy with the enforced wait times you can change them.


  • Expired for the code to make this possible. I used it to make it into a working mod.
  • Prog for ideas and testing.
  • Cangar for testing.


  • Let me know if you have any other ideas for the future.