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VRIK is an SKSE plugin that displays the player character's body in VR. Animation is dynamically controlled with a built-in analytical inverse kinematics solver for player's arms. Body position and posture is also handled automatically, with additional features to control headset height and keep players attached to their body.

Permissions and credits
Mod Description

The primary goal of the VRIK project is to make Skyrim VR a more immersive experience.  For now, the mod focuses on adding a fully animated player body to the game in order to provide a more physical presence in the world.  Later I would like to add features to improve interactions (unsheathing your weapon for example).

The VRIK V0.3.1 Beta supports the following features:
  • VRIK is now compatible with all mods
  • Display the player character's body while in VR
  • An analytical inverse kinematics solver that mirrors the player's arm movements inside the game world
  • The animations used by Skyrim are dynamically modified to correct the first-person perspective posture
  • The player's body is kept aligned below the headset at all times
  • The headset's height above ground is kept aligned on top of the player's body
  • The body's rotation is no longer tied directly to the headset rotation
  • Head bobbing support can improve the feel of movement gait and sense of speed
  • Body/headset alignment and head bobbing features are fully configurable in the vrik.ini file


Video by Rubbr_Dukkie aka gitr_jnke of Reddit fame


I've tested this using Mod Organizer 2, but other mod managers or manual installation should also work.
  1. Install SKSEVR.
  2. The VR Body mod is no longer required for VRIK.  Be sure to follow the VR Body uninstallation instructions or else your save file will break.  See the VR Body mod page for details.
  3. Calibrate how large the world appears around you by adjusting the fVRScale value in SkyrimVR.ini.
  4. Double check that VRIK is at the end of your install order.  VRIK should overwrite everything.
  5. Configure the SKSE\Plugins\vrik.ini file to your liking.  See the comments inside for information about each setting.  Settings to configure body size, arm size, hand size, and arm length are all found here now - this will also override the fMagicHandScale setting in Skyrim's own INI file.

Known Issues

Currently VRIK is in beta.  This mod is known to have the following problems:
  • Only the hands are displayed when the player transforms into a vampire lord or a werewolf
  • Only the latest versions of CBPC provide VRIK support.  Older versions will not display physics on the VRIK player body.

Beta Test Feedback

I'm looking for feedback on any problems players may find while trying this mod. If you run into trouble, please consider leaving a post so I can investigate. If you're able to reproduce a problem, please try and explain how I can recreate it.

Finally, if you're able to help or know how to fix something, please let me know!


V0.3.1 Beta
  • Fixed the input lag that was introduced by switching to the 3rd person model
  • Left-handed mode should now work properly again
  • Corrected player sitting pose so the body stays behind the headset

V0.3.0 Beta
  • VR Body is no longer required
  • VRIK now is now compatible with all mods
  • All custom animation and skeleton files have been removed
  • Skyrim will now display the 3rd person player character model while in VR
  • The player now uses Skyrim's NPC animations which generally work very well
  • The player body is dynamically adjusted to maintain a 1st-person posture
  • The player's hand animations are now controlled by VRIK
  • The player's weapon animations (bows) are now controlled by VRIK
  • The inverse kinematics solver has been rewritten and greatly improved upon
  • The body positioning/rotation system has been improved upon
  • The jittering seen when moving arms has been completely eliminated
  • Fixed arms stretching to infinity; arms use normal animations when tracking is lost
  • Fixed vanishing/flickering arms when a hand was too close to the shoulder
  • Fixed the player's chest deforming while moving your hands around
  • The player no longer has a hole at the top of its body
  • Long player hair can now be seen on the shoulders
  • Werewolf and Vampire Lord transformations work, but only the hands will be displayed
  • Added bodySize, armSize, handSize, and armLength parameters to vrik.ini

V0.2.3 Beta
  • Fixed a bug where entering Bleak Falls Barrow and other dungeons would break body alignment
  • Fixed a bug where the body would not rotate while on horseback

V0.2.2 Beta
  • Fixed a bug where the headset drops below ground when opening the map

V0.2 Beta
  • The player body is now always positioned to so that its head aligns with the headset
  • The headset's height above ground level is now controlled by one of 3 possible modes:
  • Mode 0 disables this entirely
  • Mode 1 automatically raises/lowers the headset height to force alignment to the body
  • Mode 2 snaps headset height to configurable positions for different postures
  • VRIK now supports fully configurable head-bobbing:
  • Viewpoint moves up and down at a frequency and amplitude depending on player velocity
  • Increases the sense of movement gait and speed to improve immersion
  • Created 16 custom empty-handed movement animations for walking/running in 8 directions
  • Created 5 custom animations for channeled spell casting
  • Packaged many 3rd person vanilla Skyrim animations for use in 1st person
  • Modified 1st person behavior files to improve most movement animations
  • Added a new vrik.ini file in the SKSE\Plugins folder with 15 new configuration options
  • Sitting in chairs works much better now
  • Player footstep sounds have been restored
  • The logic for rotating the player body has been slightly improved
  • The logic for positioning player elbows has been slightly improved
  • The bAlwaysShowHands and fRoomscaleMovementSnapDistance INI keys are no longer needed

V0.1 Beta
  • Initial VRIK release
  • An inverse kinematics system bends the arms and ensures that they stay connected to the body
  • A player body system controls the direction the body faces

Special Thanks

I'd like to thank the following people for their help:
  • Smiley96L for creating the VR Body mod and inspiring me to work on this
  • Groovtama for allowing me to modify and release a special version of the first-person XPMSSE skeleton for past versions of VRIK
  • Brandon for his incredible patience in reminding me how math works almost every single day...
  • Shizof for your help testing, your feedback, and for your amazingly fast work on CBPC to support this mod
  • Rubbr_Dukkie for your all of your help testing, your feedback, and for making the world's coolest video
  • lfrazer for all your technical advice, your incredible support, and for all of the hard work you put into reverse engineering SkyrimVR
  • CylonSurfer for your feedback and for helping to track down information about those behavior files
  • Fore for making CondenseBehavior and for helping me understand how behavior files worked when I kept getting stuck
  • YrralNivek for your tireless help testing, finding bugs, figuring out animations, making patches, and for all of your great feedback and advice