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Customizable archery physics & bug fixes for any load order using the Synthesis patching API.
Fixes the "NPC Ninja Dodge" bug, projectile collision bugs, stealth-related anomalies, and numerous other bugs.
Also (optionally) disables auto-aim, and removes gravity from Dawnguard's Bloodcursed arrows.

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A fully user-customizable projectile overhaul and archery bugfix compendium that is compatible with pretty much everything!

What does it do?

First of all, this fixes a load of projectile-related bugs present in the base game that aren't fixed by USSEP, WACCF, or any other mod that I know of, such as:
  • Inconsistent & inaccurate NPC detection of projectiles
  • The Ninja Dodge bug
  • Inaccurate projectile collision (when using the recommended INI settings)
  • Arrows colliding with the air in front of your bow
  • Arrows "falling" out of your bow with no momentum, even at full draw
  • Various other inconsistencies
Secondly, it completely overhauls the game's projectile physics. By default this includes different profiles for arrows, bolts, trap darts, dwemer ballista bolts, and a few others too; but you can customize this to your hearts content, such as to make projectiles perform differently depending on the material that they're made from.
The patcher is optimized for the majority of users, so no configuration is required to use it!


A detailed guide can be found on the related wiki page.

Getting Started

Add the following block to your Skyrim.ini (or SkyrimCustom.ini, if it exists):

Check out the Another Archery Patcher Wiki for the full guide.