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An SKSE plugin to allow Sprint Jumping in SkyrimVR. Increase sprint jump height and distance with a multiplier in the config file.

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Sprint Jump VR is an SKSE plugin to patch the code that prevents sprint jumping in SkyrimVR. You'll be able to jump further and higher with sprint jump boost option too(Check the configuration section for more info).



Install with your favorite Mod Manager or manually.

Files installed:
  • Data\SKSE\Plugins\SprintJumpVR.dll
  • Data\SKSE\Plugins\SprintJumpVR.ini


This mod has a configuration file in "Data\SKSE\Plugins\SprintJumpVR.ini", there are comments in the config file explaining stuff.

Important settings to mention:

HeightIncreaseMultiplier: This setting is the multiplier to increase sprint jump height. Set this to 0 to disable sprint jump height boost. Default is 2.0. Which increases the default jump height from 76 to 228 while sprinting.

 This setting is the multiplier to boost sprint jump speed. Allows you to go further with sprint jump. Default is 1.5. Note that this sometimes causes sprinting to end automatically after landing from a sprint jump. Set it to 1.0 or lower to disable. 

BeastModeMultiplier: This setting is an additional multiplier for Werewolf and Vampire Lord forms Default is 1.5. 

KhajitMultiplier: This setting is an additional multiplier for Khajit race. Default is 1.2.

CompatibilityMode: This setting is for people who use a mod that changes fJumpHeightMin on the fly with a script. Gets and multiplies the current values each time. May cause slightly more performance cost. Default is 0.


  • aers for explaining to me how this mod can be done 10 months ago. Sorry aers, I only now have enough experience to make it.
  • prog for help with using x64dbg.
  • prog, cangar, rallyeator for testing.


  • Let me know if you have any ideas for the future.