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About this mod

An SKSE Plugin to support Hardlight VR Suit with SkyrimVR. Hardlight VR Suit provides full upper body haptic feedback across 16 pads. This mod provides integration between SkyrimVR events and the suit.
Feel Melee, magic, ranged, shout damage, low health heartbeat effect, etc. An even more immersive way to play!

Permissions and credits

This mod consists of a SKSE plugin to communicate with Hardlight VR Suit when certain events occur in SkyrimVR world.
There are different haptic sequences defined to give the player an immersive experience while playing Skyrim.

These are the currently implemented effects:
  • Haptic feedback on different locations of the body depending on the point of attack (Melee, Ranged, Magic, Shout)
  • Different feedback is provided based on attack power (More stress when a giant hits you, powered attacks etc.)
  • Haptic feedback on whole body when the player gets damaged by a trap
  • Haptic feedback on magic holding hand when charging a fire and forget spell ready to cast or while casting a concentration spell
  • Haptic feedback like a heartbeat when health is below 20% and a faster heartbeat below 10%.
  • Haptic feedback when player shouts.
  • Haptic feedback when player blocks an attack by a shield or weapon.
  • Haptic feedback experience when getting close to a word of power wall
  • Haptic feedback experience when absorbing soul of a dragon
  • Haptic feedback for rain on you.

If you have any more ideas to improve the mod, please share your opinions. Don't hold back!

Plugin source code is now available for download.



For those who are having trouble finding it now that it's open source: Hardlight Runtime Installer


Install with a Mod Manager or extract contents to SkyrimVR\Data directory


To provide feedback while learning a word of power and absorbing dragon soul, I had to change some vanilla scripts:


These are based on USSEP versions so USSEP is compatible.

But there are a few mods out there that changes these files: Dragon Remains SSE, DSAMG - Dragon Soul Absorb More Glorious etc.
These are not compatible(The mod still would work of course). But if anyone asks for a compatible version, I would gladly provide.

If you want, you can delete these files from mod archive (or not install them at all or overwrite them) without any ill effects.
You just won't get feedback while learning a word of power or absorbing dragon soul


This mod now features a configuration file (since version 1.2.0).

You can find it here: SKSE\Plugins\HardlightVRConfig.txt

Tips for configuration (also included inside the config file):

# ->This is the comment character.

Don't touch lines with [xxxx]. These are hardcoded and they separate different event types.

The lines below that line are the events to be added for that event type.

Event lines are like these: Regions | EffectType | TimeOffset | Strength

They are divided by pipes("|"). There should be 3 pipes on every line or it will crash.

Some of the regions are predefined(hardcoded) in the code to be used according to
enemy direction or specific hand etc. I wrote "any" there to show that.
melee, magic, ranged, spellcasting, powerattack, monsterattack, monsterpowerattack regions
are like this.

These are the accepted regions: chest_left,chest_right,upper_ab_left,upper_ab_right,

Multiple regions should be separated with a comma (",").

EffectTypes are: buzz, bump, hum, click, tick, double_click, triple_click, fuzz, pulse
Always use one in every line.

TimeOffset is used to determine when the effect will happen (in seconds). Use the same effect
consecutively within small offset difference to increase the intensity of the effect.

Strength is between 0.0 and 1.0 values. Don't use lower or higher values. If you want higher
strength, duplicate the line with little or no offset with the same effect.

Raindrop event uses the given regions randomly one at a line.
Raindrop config duration is 0.625 seconds. Every 5 seconds, weather is checked if it's raining.
Events set here are run 8 times in 5 seconds.
So I set 0.0,0.15,0.31,0.47 offsets each 0.15-0.16 seconds apart. If you want to decrease the
strength of the raindrops, just change the strength. If you want to decrease or increase the
rainfall on you, change the number of lines. Be mindful of the offsets. If you use 3 lines,
set them as 0.625/3=0.20 seconds apart like 0.0,0.20,0.41

Dragonsoul and WordWall events are run in a loop many times(not infinitely) until it's over.
You may not want to change those if you don't know what you're doing. You can change strengths
though if you don't like it. Dragonsoul lines run for 50 times and WordWall line run for 100.

If you want to disable an effect, you can remove all lines from it. That'll disable it.


You want to make your suit wireless? Check the description of this youtube link:
I used the same method to make my suit wireless. Glued the package to the back of the suit. It's not a professional job, but it's enough for gaming.

These are the items I'm using:

The suit has a problem with "click" and "tick" effects when used with a low power powerbank, so if you are having problems with shutdown, change click and tick effects from the configuration file to another effect like "pulse".


Check out these mods for extra immersion:

  • Madrum for the working sksevr project file and all his help.
  • Kerber for the help with external dll file static linking
  • Casey Waldren from NullSpaceVR dev team for help with the API
  • SKSE team for SKSEVR