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Tired of getting gutted when you try to stand? New quick standing up animations for when an actor is knocked off their feet.

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Super Fast Get Up Animation
by Everglaid

Special Edition | Legendary Edition

Handmade standing up animations for when an actor is knocked off their feet.

Vanilla 'Face Down' Animation: 3 seconds
Super Fast Get Up, 'Face Down': 1.25 seconds

Vanilla 'Face Up' Animation: 5.6 seconds
Super Fast Get Up, 'Face Up': 1.5 seconds

Is it realistic? I don't know. But being stabbed 30 times while getting up doesn't feel so great.
Default is a replacer. Player-only and/or in combat options are available if using Dynamic Animation Replacer.

Optionally, Dynamic Animation Replacer and their requirements if using it conditionally.

Please use a mod manager. This includes a FOMOD package for selecting options.
Safe to uninstall mid-playthrough, no plugins or scripts.


Should be compatible with almost everything.
Allow this file to overwrite other standing up animations, like Ultimate Combat or D13 Faster GET UP STAND UP ANIMATION
They will replace one another, unless you select the DAR version in the installer.
For example, you can use the above animations for NPCs or when the player is out of combat, and mine otherwise.
(D13 Faster is the vanilla animation sped up by 2x, so presumably 1.5 & 2.8 seconds respectively)

the animation seems to get cut off short. not by a full second or anything, more like .05-.1 seconds. it's pretty fast!
the IK and hand animation systems in-game remove a lot of the detail in the animation.
things like pressing the palm flat onto the ground and firmly planting your feet down are present, in both the vanilla animation and mine,
but it's skyrim so expect your knees to buckle and your toes to ballerina your way up anyway