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johnwayne1930 made the original and boringvlln changed it up

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Ever wanted your character to get drunk, pass out and wake up in strange places all over Tamriel?

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This is based on johnwayne1930's Alcohol Drunk Effect.

What this mod does:

It edits Skyrim's alcoholic beverages by adding new effects. If you drink several times in a row, you will get more and more drunk, until you pass out and wake up... Somewhere. Looking your natural self. Missing a random amount of money (expect to lose quite a lot!) and having zero memory of how you got there. And you'll get a hangover, of course.

If you ever just couldn't decide where to go, and/or wanted to add some randomness to your travels, this is for you.

By the way, a random amount of time will pass too, and you'll lose all your buffs. So don't get drunk right before your wedding or after you got some big deal blessing... Or do, if you want your character to struggle.

What this mod does not do:

It does not add visual effects* or animations to your drinking. If you want the effects, you can use this mod in conjunction with Complete Alchemy Overhaul (with a patch). Their effects are kinda subtle and disableable in the MCM. For animations I'd recommend Animated Eating Redux SE edition (it does not edit drinks, so it's compatible as is).

The mod does not change anything else about the drinks. If you want better models, effects, etc., there are Legacy and, again, CACO, use the patches, and it'd be great.

*Hangover effect might be a bit apparent on your person, but how did you want to look like after getting blackout drunk anyway?

Known issues (for version 0.1):

Theoretically, you can lose your companion(s) for a bit. Plenty of ways to deal with this. Starting from just asking your follower to wait for you as you're going to get pissed, or letting them go completely. And ending with mods that would allow you to track down and summon them. I mean, honestly, your drunken adventures are confusing. Use console commands or better yet, take a carriage or fast travel somewhere after you wake up, and you'll be fine. Most likely.

With Complete Alchemy Overhaul you might sometimes wake up still drunk. Either just wait a tiny bit or continue your revelry, and effects will be dispelled. It happens.

After a blackout you might wake up screaming. Welp, that's the kind of price to pay for simple implementation. But you are waking up after oblivion knows how long and where, naked, penniless and in pain. So... Fair game?

The game loads not so quickly after passing out. Just wait for a second, 99% probability that it will load. To be certain not to lose progress, save beforehand.

While mod is compatible with Time Passes and similar mods, the game can crash if you are drinking too many times in a quick succession. Exit the inventory, take a breath between the sips, just to be safe.


1. This mod will conflict with any mod changing the drinks themselves (ingestibles edits).

2. Mods adding new alcoholic items will need to be patched up to be able to take advantage of this drunkenness function.

3. New locations from mods could be added as a waking up places (but compatibility for such patches would be lower, because script would need to be updated as well).

You are more than welcome to make patches depending on this mod!

Patches and combinations of patches are available for the following mods (all patches are esp marked as esl, light plugins):

Complete Alchemy Overhaul (drinks will make you drunk by both CACO and ADER effects; hangover after passing out will be only from ADER, but if you will drink only a little, then CACO will handle it).

Beyond Skyrim Bruma (new alcoholic drinks are patched up, new places to wake up added). You'll need CACO - Beyond Skyrim Bruma Patch, if you use CACO.

Beyond Reach (new places to wake up).

Eating Animations and Sounds SE (edits to drinks are combined), also requires the full CACO patch.

Falskaar (a micropatch, one drink, some might say The Drink! Anyway, merge it or something). Requires Falskaar CACO patch.

Legacy of the Dragonborn (edits to drinks are combined).

The Republic of Maslea - Chapter one - SSE (new drinks are patched up, only that). Requires Complete Alchemy Overhaul and The Republic of Maslea - Complete Alchemy Overhaul Patch.

Anna NPCs (new drinks are patched up). Requires Complete Alchemy Overhaul and Anna NPCs SSE - CACO Patch.

The Shire (new alcoholic drinks are patched up, new places to wake up). You'll need The Shire - Complete Alchemy Overhaul Patch, if you use CACO.

Travel by Boat (a micropatch, really, but it's a light plugin, as always, and should be mergeable too, so decide for yourself, if you need it or not). ADER does not add any animations, but if you use CACO, know that "If you are drunk from another mod, or in stagger mode, it will cause you to fall through the please, don't boat and drunk".

Wyrmstooth (a micropatch, drinks only, light plugin).

...and if I may suggest another mod for creative suffering, check out Garbage Loot - it does not edit leveled lists, but makes it harder to find fresh food in dumpsters barrels and such, making a life of a poor traveling minstrel a bit more challenging (while also adding a chance of finding some stashed away booze). Then there is Free Hug Mod SE - for spreading love while intoxicated. Another mod for less serious and responsible with too much septims in their pockets is Tavern Games. And to keep your immersion intact in taverns and on Holidays, don't forget Drunk Sinking Head Idle Fix SE.