Skyrim Special Edition

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The Shire is on the brink of disaster and it falls to an Outlander to determine its fate. Will it be conquered or liberated? In this DLC-sized adventure the decisions of one traveler hold the answer.

Permissions and credits
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  • Mandarin
  • German
  • French

Welcome to The Shire! This mod is comprised of a few basic features:

  • An epic player-choice oriented questline containing both good and evil branches, estimated total of 30+ hours of gameplay. Fully and professionally voice acted. Comedic and dramatic dialogue specifically designed to branch into multitudes of choices whenever possible.
  • A customizable hearthfire-style player Halfling-home. Dig out and create from scratch all the comforts of home.
  • An expansive Lotro-inspired Worldspace full of towns, camps, and various encounters to explore. Bigger than Solstheim and designed 100% by hand.
  • Over 6,000 lines of skillfully voiced dialogue. Six-freakin-thousand. Let that soak in.

This is much more than just a simple lotr-inspired mod. Check out this non-spoiler containing review by a user on reddit

Continuation of  Zero Period Production's Playthrough

Continuation of Grim's Playthrough

All you need is the latest version of Skyrim SE and you're good to go! No dlcs, SKSE, or other mods required. However I recommend installing the Unofficial patch, which includes a plethora of necessary improvements. Get it here!
Note that this is a large mod and downloading it may take awhile.

Mods that adjust the gate near Black Briar lodge. (Unless using the Unofficial patch)

Follow the road behind Riften and passed the Black Briar lodge, towards the cave that starts Dawnguard. When you approach the border the first quest will begin.

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Credits in list format can be found on the Oldrim page
Special Thanks:
Jon Michael Villagomez - Thormin
Laura Hardy - Byrsael
Stefan Martello - Durusc
Josh Bull - Forodant
Kuripa Chan - Tinruth
Shane Mitchell - Ruffians
Shannon Hobby - Halflings
SkinnyTecBoy - Halflings
Cliff Thompson - Durcoth

Stroti and Tamira
Gerben Grave
Dustin Johnson

This mod consists of five files, removing them from your data folder will uninstall it:
data\TheBawbsShire - Textures.bsa

Will this be available for console peasants?
No, the mod is simply too large. Unfortunately consoles are negatively affected by this factor.

Can I translate this mod?
Absolutely! I can only speak English (and a very slight bit of Korean) so I am unable to do this myself. Feel free to contact me if you need any help along the way. Same applies for patches or add-ons.

How big is this mod?
Unpacked it's around 3.0gbs. Which is an impressive improvement over previous versions of The Shire.

Is this lore-friendly?
No. Although it is lore-compatible. The first quest provides a nice story driven transition between worlds.

I downloaded this with the latest version of Firefox and the zip is corrupted/mod crashes.
This has been reported as a Firefox issue. Try redownloading with a different browser. Special thanks to Lynxgal for troubleshooting this fix.