About this mod

- zEdit patcher
- 20+ new armor sets
- Light/Medium/Heavy Armor types
- Blade/Shafted (Blade/Blunt) weapon skills
- Armor Properties
- Slash/Pierce/Strike Damage System
- Crititical damage reworked
- Faction equipment reworked
- Unique outfits for named NPCs
- Dragonborn DLC stuff on mainland Skyrim

Permissions and credits


Latest version of zEdit

Highly recommended:

Part 1: Load Order
  • Download Main File
  • Move True Equipment Overhaul.esp as low as possible
  • If you have any optional ESPs, load them lower

Part 2: zEdit setup
  • Download latest version of zEdit.
  • Choose portable version, unpack it somewhere
  • Now download "Patcher" file of TEO and unpack it to the "modules" folder in your zEdit directory
  • You must have "index.js" file in your "zEdit/modules/teo" folder

Part 3. Build zEdit Patch
  • If you did everything right, when you load zEdit, your patcher window will look like first mod image
  • Choose only "TEO.esp", uncheck other patches if you have them
  • Open "True Equipment Overhaul" settings tab and disable modules you don't need
  • Press "Build" and wait until it builds
  • Close zEdit and save TEO.esp on exit
  • If you install/update/remove mods or change your load order, rebuild TEO.esp.

Warning: This mod won't work if you merge your armor & weapon mods or change their esp names.

TEO is basically compatible with all mods except those which have overlapping functionality.

TEO is compatible with all perk overhauls except huge ones like PerMa, SkyRe and Requiem.
This means that Ordinator, Vokrii, Better Vanilla Perks are compatible.

TEO Fixes Module adds Animated Armory support for other weapon mods.
So AA patches for Heavy Armory, Immersive Weapons etc are not needed.

TEO Main Module is using DEPRECATED05 (Unknown 162) Actor Value.

TEO Main Module armors look better with UNP or vanilla body than with CBBE.

TEO Main Module is not compatible with mods which strongly change equipment distribution:

TEO Main Module is not compatible with More Interesting Loot. Use Dynamic Dungeon Loot instead.

TEO Damage Module is not compatible with mods which add armor traits/properties:
  • True Armor
  • Know Your Enemy Armor Module
  • (Know Your Enemy Creatures Module is totally compatible!)

Build Bashed Patch before TEO.
If you are using my other patchers, correct order is this:
  • Bashed Patch
  • TEO
  • TUS
  • TRE

Integration of Weapon Mods

Animated Armory support
  • Heavy Armory
  • Immersive Weapons
More weapons
I recommend these great mods to have a fully realistic range of weapons:
  • LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons (replacer)
  • Real Bows (replacer)
  • Animated Armory
  • Heavy Armory (patch for AA is available)
  • Lost Longswords (choose 2H version)
  • Immersive Weapons (patch for AA is available)
  • Legendary Skyrim Crossbows

To further integrate these mods together, TEO does some changes to these weapons.
Currently these changes affect only names of weapons.
In next versions TEO will also change their stats

Name changes
  • Animated Armory: Pike -> Half Pike
  • Heavy Armory: Halberd -> Pollaxe (overlap with AA)
  • Heavy Armory: Quarterstaff -> Short Quarterstaff (overlap with AA and IW)
  • Immersive Weapons:
  • IW: Longsword -> Bastard Sword (overlap with LL)
  • IW: Imperial Ebony Sword -> Ebony Falchion(this is not a Legion weapon)
  • IW: Daedric Halberd -> Daedric Fauchard (overlap with AA and HA)
  • IW: Quarterstaff -> Long Quarterstaff (overlap with AA and HA)
  • IW: Spear -> Hunting Spear (overlap with HA)

Morrowind-Inspired Armor System

Light Armor is vastly superior to Heavy Armor in vanilla game.
TEO fixes this by reworking the whole armor system.

Light Armor (Sneak skill)
This is technically Clothing but with Armor Rating.
It is as cheap and light as before, but is 25% weaker now.
So it is very light and quiet - the only type of Armor without debuffs for Thief skills.
That's why it's the only reasonable choice for sneaky thieves, assassins and hunters.
It also can be very cheap, so it's used by those who can't afford or don't need anything better.
Note: there are no Light shields.

Sneak tree receives a Light Armor branch
You also receive Sneak experience if wearing 2 Light pieces in combat
(same functionality as in Vokrii and Ordinator for Light/Heavy Armor)

  • Light Armor Fit: 30 Sneak, 25% Armor bonus if wearing all Light Armor.
  • Light Armor Training: 50 Sneak, Light Armor weighs nothing and doesn't slow you down when worn.
  • Matching Light Set: 70 Sneak, Additional 25% Armor bonus if wearing a matched set of Light Armor.

Medium Armor (old Light Armor skill)  
 It is as strong as Light Armor was before, but is heavier and more expensive.
It also has pretty strong debuffs to Thief skills (Sneak, Pickpocket).
A balanced option which provides good protection as well as speed and reasonable cost.
It's not surprising that many soldiers, rangers and mercenaries will prefer it.
And it's not surprising that practical Medium Armor is so popular in Skyrim.
(Nords actually had racial bonus towards Medium Armor in Morrowind)

Heavy Armor (not changed)
It is untouched by TEO, so it is still heavy, strong and expensive.
It's a legit solution to those who need maximum protection no matter what the cost.
[size=3]It has very strong debuffs to Thief skills (Sneak, Pickpocket).

Armor and Thief Skills

Light Armor is the only reasonable choice for Thief/Stealth characters.
Both Medium and Heavy Armor have strong debuffs to Sneak and Picpocket.
However there are no Lockpicking debuffs for gameplay reasons.

Armor debuffs
Medium cuirass: -20% sneaking, -10% pickpocketing
Medium helmet: -10% pickpocketing
Medium boots: -30% sneaking
Medium gauntlets: -30% pickpocketing

Heavy cuirass: -40% sneaking, -20% pickpocketing
Heavy helmet: -20% pickpocketing
Heavy boots: -60% sneaking
Heavy gauntlets: -60% pickpocketing

Any shield: -100% pickpocketing
There are no Light Armor shields in-game.

More Armors and More Lore

Generic Medium Armors
Vanilla Skyrim offers two comprehensive lines of progression for Heavy and Light Armor.
You know it, Iron -> Steel -> ... -> Daedric and Fur/Hide -> Leather -> ... -> Dragonscale.
Many of vanilla armors are converted to Medium type, but this doesn't break anything.
TEO fully implements not two but three lines of armor progression.

20+ new high-quality armor sets
This includes but is not limited to:
  • New Nordic armors like chainmail and brigandine
  • New Bosmer, Breton and Cyrodilic sets
  • Lighter versions of Dwarven, Elven And Glass Armors
  • Thalmor and Vigilants Of Stendarr get their own armors
  • Stormcloaks, Dawnguard and Companions have more armors

Naming and appearance fixes
  • Scaled Helmet is now unique and not a "hide helmet with stupid little horns"
  • Steel Armor is no longer matched with Imperial boots and gauntlets
  • Elven Armor is now a lot stronger, on par with Orcish (same as in Oblivion)
  • New names: Elven -> Altmer, Dwarven -> Dwemer, Orcish -> Orsimer, Steel Plate -> Nordic Plate

Weapons Rebalanced
TEO implements True Orcish And True Daedric Weapon modules from Weapons and Armors Fixes.
Value, rating, weight and lvl list positions of some weapon materials are switched.
This makes them more balanced and consistent with the lore.
Vanilla: Orcish < Dwarven < Elven, Daedric < Dragonbone
TEO: Dwarven < Elven < Orcish, Dragonbone < Daedric
Reworked Equipment Distribution

All Dragonborn content (except Stalhrim and Skaal) now is widespread in Skyrim.
Nordic weapons are widely used alongside Steel and Iron.
Bandits and mercenaries now often use not only Nord-made, but also foreign equipment:
Altmer, Breton, Bosmer, Dunmer, Cyrodilic, as well as salvaged Dwemer and Draugr stuff.

A lot of unique or semi-unique NPCs now have more appropriate armors and weapons:

Vanilla Skyrim + TEO

  • Nobles have strong and expensive equipment
  • Common mercenaries and warriors have more varied equipment
  • Carriage drivers now have armor
  • Other unique NPCs often get unique outfits
  • Interesting NPCs also get unique outfits

With Immersive Armors AND/OR Immersive Weapons
  • None of the IA sets are distributed to the leveled lists
  • However, choices for unique NPCs are HUGELY expanded
  • Interesting NPCs also use IA and IW stuff
  • Many NPCs receive unique IW weapons
  • Ship captains have Seadog Armor and cutlasses
  • Redguards wear Redguard Mail
  • Other improvements listed in the Factions section

With Populated Skyrim Series
  • Bosmer hunters wear Bosmer Armor
  • Dunmer mercenaries have Dunmer equipment
  • All Knights wear Nordic and Cyrodilic Plate Armor
  • Immersive Armors: Knight of the Faith wear Paladin Armor
  • IA: Wandering Knights wear Nordic, Cyrodilic, Hedge Knight and Vanguard Armor
  • All knights have Nordic (vanilla) or strong (Immersive Weapons) weapons
  • Knights of the Faith have only blunt weapons
Imperial Legion Properly Organized

Imperial Legion now has 5 separate sets of equipment for different ranks.
Several Legion mods are supported.
Penitus Oculatus keep their original armor.
However, commander Maro wears same armor as other legates.

  • Couriers, scouts and quartermasters - Imperial Light Armor
  • Archers - Imperial Medium Armor (based on Imperial Studded + old Imperial Helmet)
  • Infantry - Imperial Heavy Armor (old Imperial Armor + Officer Helmet)
  • Officers - Imperial Heavy Armor + Full Helmet + new Imperial Officer Sword
  • Legates and generals - General Tullius Armor

Immersive Armors
  • Officers - Imperial Heroic Armor
  • Legates and generals - Imperial Knight Armor

Perfect Legionnaire
  • (overwrites IA, load after IA for proper textures!)
  • Officers - Imperial Plate Armor (based on PL's General Tullius Armor + Full Helmet)
  • Legates and generals - Imperial Templar Armor

Heavy Legion (you can use No Legion version, but patch is still available under Old Files)
  • (overwrites IA, requires a compatibility patch with TEO)
  • Couriers, scouts and quartermasters - Imperial Light Armor
  • Archers - Imperial Medium Armor + old "Soldier's helmet"
  • Infantry - Imperial Heavy Armor
  • Officers - Imperial Heavy Armor + Officer Helmet
  • Legates - Legate Armor
  • Generals - General Tullius Armor
Other Factions Equipment

  • Stormcloak Officers get new armor (Stormcloak Heroic Armor)
  • 3 types of armor for common soldiers - Heavy, Light and Medium
  • Soldiers have uniform chest armors, but varying helmets, boots and gauntlets
  • Immersive Armors: Stormcloaks also wear Snow Bear Armor
  • Immersive Armors: Ulfric gets Stormlord Armor

  • Two new armor sets (Medium and Light)
  • New Thalmor Armors are based on the Noldor Content Pack

  • Both vanilla armors are now medium
  • New Dawnguard Plate Armor (includes vanilla heavy helmet)
  • Officers wear Dawnguard Plate Armor

Vigilants Of Stendarr
  • Vigilants have enchanted Robed/Plate Armor
  • Immersive Armors: Carcette has Ebony Mage Armor

  • Wolf Armor is now stronger and Medium
  • Most Companions now wear Wolf Armor
  • Kodlak as leader of the guild gets Ebony Armor
  • Skjor and Farkas wear new Wolf Plate Armor

Orc Strongholds
  • Orcs wear Scaled and Orcish Armor
  • Immersive Armors: Orcs also wear Einherjar and Trollsbane Armor
  • Immersive Armors: Stronghold chiefs have Warchief Armor
  • Horses On Patrol - Orcs is supported

Other (with Immersive Armors)
  • Alikr wear Redguard Knight Armor
  • Hunters of Hircine wear Hunter Armor
  • Knights of The Faith (Populated Skyrim) wear Paladin Armor

Oblivion-Inspired Weapon System

New Weapon Skills
It's actually pretty stupid to divide weapons into one-handed and two-handed.
There is nothing really different between 1H axe and 2H axe, except it's weight.
However 1H sword and 1H axe are totally different weapons.
Nowadays there are also mods which add spears with custom animations.
However, spears still don't have a a specific Weapon type.
So I decided to divide weapons into Bladed and Shafted.
All perk overhauls are compatible.
Basically new system looks like this:

Bladed Weapons (old One-Handed skill)
  • Short Blades - use Dagger perks - daggers and short swords from mods
  • Curved Blades - use War Axe perks - katana, scimitar, all other curved swords
  • (This includes vanilla swords like Orcish and all sabers/cutlasses added by mods)
  • Straight Blades - use Sword perks - most of vanilla and modded swords
  • Two-handed Blades - use Mace perks - all two-handed swords.

Shafted Weapons (old Two-Handed skill)
  • Axes - use Battle Axe perks - all axes, but not halberds
  • Blunt weapons - use Warhammer perks - all maces and hammers
  • (This doesn't include quarterstaffs which are a type of polearm)
  • Polearms - use Greatsword perks - all spears, halberds, glaives and quarterstaffs

Benefits of new system
  • Spears get their own perks
  • All perk overhauls are fully compatible
  • Player now can easily change between 2H and 1H weapons
  • The whole system now makes more sense from realism point of view

Slash/Pierce/Strike/Critical Damage


Critical Damage was fully reworked.
Now it takes into account your Skill level (Blade, Shafted or Archery).
All alchemy/enchantment bonuses are also accounted.
Overall amount of critical damage now is very significant.

There are now 6 types of damage:
  • Magic: Fire, Frost and Shock
  • Non-magic: Slash, Pierce and Strike

All weapons have 1 or 2 types of Damage.
If weapon gets 2 types of Damage it will also be 25% weaker.
For example, Sword (Slash, Pierce) is 25% weaker than Sabre (Slash)

Different weapon classes have different Damage types.
Mods Heavy Armory, Animated Armory, Lost Longswords and Immersive Weapons add many new classes.

  • If you use Animated Armory, install Plugin Leveled List Version
  • You don't need any AA compatibility patches (Heavy Armory, Immersive Weapons etc)
  • TEO will setup correct AA keywords for HA and IW weapons

Bladed Weapons
  • Short Blades - daggers are Pierce, shortswords (HA) and tantos (IW) - Pierce/Slash
  • Curved Blades - katanas, wakizashis, cutlasses, sabers (IW) and some of vanilla swords are all Slash
  • Straight Blades - swords are typically Pierce/Slash, but rapiers (AA) are Pierce
  • Two-handed Blades - real two-handed swords are Slash
  • but one-and-half-handed swords like longswords (LL) are Pierce/Slash.
  • I really think now that longswords should be 2H, because when I used 1H they were just better swords.
  • Also, nobody ever used longsword/bastard sword together with a shield, unlike one-handed arming swords.
  • So 2H longswords actually are historically accurate

Shafted Weapons
Axes - 1H axes will be Slash, but battleaxes have strong momentum, so they are Slash/Strike.
  • However, double-edged Axes (IW Double Axes or vanilla Steel Battleaxe) are still Slash.
  • Blunt weapons - boring but powerful. Strike.
  • Polearms - spears are Pierce, halberds and glaives - Pierce/Slash, quarterstaffs - Strike.
  • Blunt weapons and quarterstaffs have 50% lower Critical Damage.
Armor Properties

All armors, regardless of their type (Light/Medium/Heavy), now also receive properties.

Each cuirass has a single Primary Property
  • Plate - Slash x0.75
  • Examples: Iron, Steel, Dwemer, Nordic Plate, Ebony, Altmer
  • Segmented - Strike x0.75, Slash x1.25
  • Examples: Scaled, Nordic Carved, Glass, Orsimer, Dragonscale
  • Soft - Strike x0.75, Pierce x1.25
  • Examples: Fur, Hide, Leather
  • Note: Chainmail Armors are considered to be Plate

A cuirass can also have some Secondary Properties
  • Warm - Frost x0.75
  • Resistant - Strike x1.25, Fire x0.75, Shock x0.75
  • Note: Resistant Armors are made of harsh, but brittle non-metal materials
  • These are typically Crystal-based (Glass, Ebony...) or Bone-based (Chitin, Dragonscale...)
  • Orsimer Armor is made of metal so it isn't Resistant!

Close-faced helmets and masks also have a Full Property
  • Incoming Critical Damage Chance x0.5
  • Pierce x0.75
  • Time between Shouts 100% bigger
  • Archery 75% worse
  • Stamina Regeneration 50% slower

Credits and Gratitudes

I want to thank:

- matortheeternal, for developing zEdit and all the help I got from him.
The very possibility that this mod actually exists is because he created zEdit.
This guy is just amazing.

- MediumLowQuality from skyrimmods discord
for his help with the Papyrus and Skyrim game mechanics.
TEO 3.0 wouldn't be possible without him.

- hothtrooper44,
for allowing me to rework distribution of Immersive Armors to make it more compatible with TEO.
Now I managed to do this as I always wanted:
TEO nearly doubles amount of generic low/medium level armors in game,
and IA provides unique outfits for named NPCs, who are now really memorable.

- EnaiSion,
for Vokrii/Ordinator script that grants armor experience when in combat

- all mod authors, that set open permissions or specifically allowed me to use their assets in this mod.
You can find full list of their mods, credits and descriptions of what I took in the "Permissions and Credits" tab.

List of authors who have created full armor sets that are now included in TEO:
VAultMaN30 - Yet Another Guard Armor and Early-Middleages Helmets pack, edited by aicy and NorthWar
Maty743 - Bosmer Armor Pack, Noldor Content Pack and Matys Mithril, with ground models by giggityninja
Lestryagain - Truly Light Elven Armor (male), Truly Light Elven Armor (female) and Truly Light Glass Armor (female) (together with OperatorCactus)
lumps - Heroic Stormcloak Armor
patobek - Crimson Ranger Armor
Baraban - Witcher 2 Style Dawnguard and Standard Heavy Plate
Faelrin - Wolf Knight Armor
MadCat221 - Robed Steel Plate Armor
NordwarUA - Chainmail armor
NordwarUA - Heavy Nordic Armor
NordwarUA - NordwarUA Mod Resource

Toasty Fresh - Gothic Plate Armor
QwibQwibMods - Mage's Plate Armor - Heavy Armor for Mages

List of authors who have created some armor parts, which are now included in TEO:
navida1 - Improved closefaced helmets
Brumbek - Semi-Open Guard Helmets
QwibQwibMods - Stormcloak Warrior Armor - Lore friendly mashup - Optional Replacer
cyrkon - Medium and Light Dwarven Armor
rahman530 - Lore Friendly Armor Pack
Delincious - Shields of Skyrim
Franklin Zunge - Brigandage
Omesean - Einherjar Armor
Batmanna - Warmonger Armory
QuickFox - Open Faced Dwarven Helmet
Afrotoast42, Lordofwar, Redxavier, TH3WICK3D1 - Witcher 2 Armor Collection

TheMalfazar - B-D-Y-E-B Shield Mod

I also want to thank billyro for allowing me to include his Imperial Captain Sword.
Recommended Mods (Links)

Improved Closefaced Helmets
Perfect Legionnaire - Imperial Armor Reforged 6-0
I recommend to install all optional files except "
Full Helmet Open Face".
You don't need that one if you have Improved Closefaced Helmets
Heavy Legion - good alternative to PL. Requires a compatibility patch with TEO.
Immersive Armors - Since 1.4 TEO totally disables MCM and scripted distribution.
Comprehensive Sleeves Pack - check also it's optional files
Practical Female Armors - load it before Comprehensive Sleeves Pack.
Guards Armor Replacer - if you use Original ESP, you must install compatibility patch

LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons
Real Bows
Legendary Skyrim Crossbows
Heavy Armory - New Weapons - don't install True Orcish Patch
Immersive Weapons - this is still the best compilation of non-vanilla styled weapons.
Especially after the latest SSE update.
Animated Armoury - Rapiers Pikes and Halberds with third person animations - install Plugin Leveled List Version.
You don't need Heavy Armory and Immersive Weapons Patches. TEO will handle this
Royal Armory - New Artifacts - Since 1.4 TEO disables scripted distribution and handplaces all weapons on NPCs.
Lost LongSwords - choose 2H version
Dawnguard Arsenal
Unique Uniques

Immersive Patrols

Populated Skyrim HELL EDITION (or just Roads and Cities.
NPCs from these two modules have unique outfits, assigned by TEO)
Horses On Patrol
Interesting NPCs
(these will also use Immersive Armors!)
Citizens of Tamriel