Open Faced Dwarven Helmet by QuickFox
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Doesn't it suck when all the time and effort you put into customising your character's face goes to waste because you end up hiding it under a helmet? And how does an Argonian or Khajiit manage to cram their head into a helmet designed for a human head anyway?!? There are mods that make helmets invisible, or replace them with circlets, or remove them as soon as combat ends... but what if you really just want to experience the best of both worlds: wear a well designed, sturdy-looking helmet and still be able to see your character's face? If so, then this is the mod you've been looking for!

What It does:

This mod simply alters the Dwarven Helmet to show the character's face; It currently works for all races and sexes (except Argonians).

I plan on releasing additional helmets in the near future, including open faced Ebony, Guard & Daedric helmets that are compatible with all races.

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Known Issues:

Trying to fit an Argonian head into this helmet is proving more challenging than I expected... until I can sort it out, Argonians must make use of a placeholder in the form of a circlet.