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Warmonger Armory aims to add immersion to your Skyrim experience adding new lore friendly Armors, Weapons and Clothes for both Vanilla Game and DLCs. All the added content is inspired from the classic Elder Scrolls Archetypes and is made with compatibility in mind.

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A Skyrim mod by Batmanna.

Warmonger Armory aims to add immersion to your Skyrim experience adding new lore friendly Armors, Weapons and Clothes for both Vanilla Game and DLCs.

All the content of this mod is made in order to blend in seamlessly with the Elder Scrolls universe,
to do so I have taken inspiration from the lore, the past games and obviously Skyrim itself.

My goal is adding content that the player could recognise and associate with the classic Archetypes, so in this mod you will find armors for Barbarians, robes for mages, weapons for rogues and so on.

The outfits of Warmonger Armory are made with tweaked skyrim nifs, and I've done this in order to let you chose any texture replacer you are willingly to use seeing it on this mod content. All the armor and clothes of this mod have working weight sliders and custom inventory models aswell as full gender and Racial Support .
( I mentioned this simply because anyone how tried to mess with 3dsMax and armor modding will confirm that making a weight slider for a custom armor composed by more than 20 differnt pieces is a Nightmare ! )

Final note is for requirements: you need nothing but the main updated game for using the main file, but in order to use the optional DLCs pack you'll need DAWNGUARD and DRAGONBORN.
Using the leveled list is possible only with both DLCs file AND Vanilla file .

If you use SkyRe xathra has made a patch to allow you use this mod:


Crafted under ebony section, requires ebony and steel forging Perks, craftable at Skyforge only

-Nord Hero cuirass
-Nord Hero cuirass - No skull version 
-Nord Hero boots
-Nord Hero gauntlets
-Nord Hero helm
-Nord Hero shield
-Ysmir Fang ( greatsword )
-Frostfang (Sword)

Crafted under scaled section, requires advanced armors forging Perk

-Pathfinder cuirass
-Pathfinder boots
-Pathfinder gauntlets
-Pathfinder hood
-Pathfinder shield
-Pathfinder sword ( steel section )

Crafted under leather section

-Rogue Thief cuirass
-Rogue Thief boots
-Rogue Thief gauntlets
-Rogue Thief hood

Crafted under misc section

-Vigilant hunic
-Vigilant hood

Crafted from original Dragonpriest masks, provides no protection but still grants default magic bonus. Are worn on back right on slot 55 or on back left on slot 48 ( compatible with Bandoliers bag and pouches ) , can be forged back to original masks. All 9 masks covered.


-Alik'r sabre ( steel section )
-Alik'r dagger ( steel section )
-Sand Assassin gauntlets
-Sand Assassin boots
-Sand Assassin cuirass ( 2 color versions, avaiable with cape or not )
-Sand Assassin hood ( 2 color versions )

                                                                                      >> DLC FILE <<

Crafted under ebony section

-Soul Ripper Armor
-Soul Ripper Boots
-Soul Ripper Bracers
-Soul Ripper Hood
-Soul Ripper Sword

Crafted under misc section, comes in 2 different color versions

-Telvanni master robes
-Telvanni master shoes
-Telvanni master gloves
-Telvanni master robes - Awakened ( Requires at least 70 enchanting skill ,are forged from normal robes , has an unique enchantment )

Crafted under misc section

-Telvanni apprentice robes
-Telvanni apprentice boots ( leather section )
-Telvanni apprentice bracers ( leather section )
-Telvanni apprentice robes - Awakened ( Requires at least 50 enchanting skill ,are forged from normal robes , has an unique enchantment )
-Dunmer ebony sword ( ebony section )

Crafted under leather section

-Shadow warlock robes
-Shadow warlock boots
-Shadow warlock bracers
-Shadow warlock hood ( version 1.0 not support beast races, I will do my best to add support )

Adds 3 Solstheim Priest masks aswell as Miraak, as the masks from Vanilla , are craftable and can be worn on back right ( slot 55 ) or back left ( slot 48 )

Crafted under advanced armor section

-Wandering Knight cuirass
-Wandering Knight boots
-Wandering Knight bracers
-Wandering Knight hood
-Wandering Knight shield

Crafted under leather section

-Netch Leather armor
-Netch Leather boots
-Netch Leather bracers
-Netch Leather helmet


New in version 1.2, requires Vanilla file AND DLCs file, places armors and weapons ingame on NPCs and adds new Leveled List file exclusive content.

- NORD HERO CUIRASS > Can appear on high level ( < 40 ) Bandit Bosses.
- PATHFINDER ARMOR > Can appear on bandits ( < 23 level )
- ROGUE THIEF ARMOR > Can appear on bandits 8 < 21 level ) , Mercer Frey uses a hoodless set
- VIGILANT ARMOR > Can appear on Stendarr Vigilants, some unique vigilants uses a rare version of it
- SAND ASSASSIN > Kematu uses a blue hoodless set , Nazir uses a full red set
- SHADOW WARLOCK > used by some unique warlocks and necromancers ( no spoiler )

I originaly made this for myself, but after polishing and a bit of rework , I decided to share this features. It nedded alot of effort but I'm kinda proud of the result: trust me or not, but you'll notice those changes alot in your playthrougt.

- WARLOCKS > In vanilla game ALL the warlocks ( and every other NPC that uses their outfit ) share plain black robes, from the novice cryomancer to the master fire lord. I never liked that , as since the release of the game I have been amazed with outfit variety on bandits and disappointed with the lack of personality of magic users enemies.
I attemted to fix that : Now all the warlocks uses 3 different outfits according to their level ( custom meshes ), and all those variants comes in 3 color versions , grey, black and brown ( both robes and hoods ). Another change I made is reworking the way the outfits enchantments were placed on robes : now as higher is the level of the warlock you are facing, the better the enchantment on his robes will be.
Warlocks may use gloves now. Because why not ?

- NECROMANCERS > Same treatment as warlocks, now a master lord of the deads uses different robes from his apprentice, the meshes are different, but I preferred maintaining only black for necromancers in order to help recognize them from common warlocks.
Now necromancers uses PLAIN black robes, as I have never understood why the h**l all necromancers ingame decided to print the same, ridiculous skull sticker on their robes.
Seriously. Why ? They all share the same fashion designer ?
That said I have not actually touched the sticker robes, and you'll be able to eventually find them around Skyrim, but not on necromancers. Please no.

- VAMPIRES > I wanted to create a custom outfit for high level vampires in order to mark their "social" position between the average blooddrinker and the royality of castle volkihar. Vampire noble robes comes in 3 color variants, and as said are a visual connection between average robes and royal robes. Now vampires can wear proper gloves, and there is a small chance to find arcane rings on vampires ( unenchanted version of quest-related vampire rings )

To install the files Nexus Mod Manger is suggested, but if you want ot do it manually simply unpack the files into your Skyrim folder.
In most cases it is: Drive letter:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommonskyrim

I cleaned Both the filed with TES5Edit and I doubt that anything from this mod will cause any kind of problem, as the mod alter nothing but only add new content.
Only incompatibility should occur with mods that alter the whole crafting system.
NEW v 1.2 I reworked some crafting recipes and materials with compatibility in mind .
In any case, please report any problem.

>Version 1.3, added Wandering Knight set and Netch Leather set to the DLC file

>Fixed issues with soul ripper set, now the armor works as intended in 1st person, and gauntlets have a custom ground model ( in line with everything else )

>Added Soul Ripper Set in version 1.2.5 , only change the DLCs file , this is a minor update released during developement of version 1.3. Elandra worked to get you guys german version, this is what I call a steady support ! thanks again.

>Added Leveled list in version 1.2, updated Vanilla file ( Sand assassin and masks on left ), and DLCs file ( Dragonborn masks ). Reworked some recipes and armor materials.Translated in German, thanks Elandra again for your work and support.

>Added German traduction for version 1.1, thanks Elandra, don't forget to check other traduction on Nexus, kudos to the modders who have done them.

>Version 1.1 added, fixes a texture Cubemap ( Thanks CaBal120 ), adds an alternative Nord Hero armor without frontal skull, fixes some texture issues with warlock armor and adds Konahrik belt worn Mask

>Version 1.0 added , brings 7 new outfits ( 4 Vanilla and 3 DLCs dipendent ) and 6 new weapons.


I am planning to keep expanding this mod depending on how much free time I will have.
Remember that I always appreciate new ideas and suggestion, so if you have an awesome outfit mod idea post it on the comment section and if I will see what I can do !

Right now the file is Nexus Only, I do this simply because at release moment I can support the file here answering fast to eventual questions . In future I will eventually upload this mod on other sites myself.


In this mod I used some little content from the witcher, aswell as some textures from Ashland Apparel by Leyr.


-EthernalHero : helped me with mod testing and provided great screenshots. Thanks !

-Nightasy : thanks for providing amzing tutorials , I started with your tutorails from 0, if anyone wants to lear how to work with custom models be sure to check his mod page and his YouTube channel.

-Leyr : Allowed me to use textures from his amazing mod, if you are a fan of morrowind check Ashland apparel and his textures.

-Omesean : his work with Einherjar armor first and Aesir armor later inspired me at trying to make my own custom armors, thanks for your amazing work.


As a final note I hope you will enjoy what I have done and if you liked remember to come back and endorse !