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This nexusmods release is the original and only official release of this mod for the original Skyrim. It is the only release for the original Skyrim that I will provide support for. Any redistribution (except for translations) of this mod is to be considered stolen, and downloaded at your own risk.

Skyrim Special Edition version here:

Requires Dragonborn for version 1.6 of the mod and later. This adds a standalone armor that I created for my werewolf character. It is male only. I will not be converting this to females because I made this for myself, and for my male character. There is weight slider support. It has the defense of steel plate, and can be tempered and crafted with the steel crafting perk. It can only be found under the steel smithing list if the player character is a werewolf (has the beast form power). You'll need Steel Ingots, Iron Ingots, Leather Strips, and Wolf Pelts to craft it. There is also a light version of the armor with the defense of the scaled armor, and found under the leather smithing list. It can be crafted and tempered the same as the heavy version. The default textures included were made from the high resolution texture pack. There is an optional 1K texture file if one needs more performance, or is using an older computer, etc. Those textures are the same size of the vanilla ones.

Update 1.2:
Adds a full light armor copy of the original heavy set, with the same crafting and tempering requirements. It somewhat shares stats with the Scaled Armor. Also added helmets for both sets, though its just a matching version of the Wolf Helmet. Also added the helmets to the Wolf Armor Replacer file. 

Update 1.3:
Two main versions now. One with a follower based upon my character in the screenshots for the mod. He is wearing the set without the helmet. He is found in the Dead Man's Drink inn in Falkreath. The other version is without the follower. Both versions have new updated models for the body armor. There are less polygons and it is now possible to have it support the original textures. The normal map for the nord plate part of the armor now matches the texture. The Savior's Hide part of the armor, now has an improved texture. The metal on the chest piece now has more contrast to match the rest of the textures. Fixed the majority of the compression artifacts on the other textures. 

Update 1.4:
Added "light" support for females. Enabled them to make use of the recolored boots, gloves, and helmets (there was no corresponding female meshes for those, so easy job done). If females try to wear the main armor it will now display as its male counterpart (as well as in first person). Its obviously not intended for them, but at least it matches the set better then the regular boobplate steel plate I had left in.

Update 1.5:
Added in the requirement for the steel smithing perk to all crafting recipes that was stated in the description but never actually added in until now. Changed the names to distinguish between light and heavy versions of the armor pieces.

Update 1.6:
Added in a new helmet in both heavy and light versions, based off the Dragonborn Nordic Carved Helmet. Now requires Dragonborn as a master. No beast race support currently.

Update 1.7:
Added in a new "short sleeved" version of the armor with the Steel Plate Armor's pauldrons and the Savior's Hide chain-mail piece in both heavy and light versions. Has the same stats as the regular original version of the armor, and crafted and tempered the same.

Update 1.8:
Remade several of the meshes to make them less blocky then before. Renamed all the meshes and corrected the paths in the plugin. Remade the alternate Wolf Knight Helmet and added female and beast race support for it. I can't guarantee it will be without clipping for the beast races though. Renamed some things. Added in a new armor variant that is a mashup of the Savior's Hide and Nordic Carved Armor with heavy and light versions. The crafting and tempering recipes for that armor are slightly different, though it still requires Beast Form and the Steel Smithing perk.

Update 1.9:
Added in a new amulet called "Wolf Skull Amulet", which is a mashup of the Ancient Nord Amulet and the werewolf skull totem mesh. It can be crafted with a wolf pelt and leather strips. It has the same requirements as the rest of the set.

Bethesda for Skyrim, Dragonborn, the meshes, the High Resolution Texture Pack, and the Creation Kit. 

Permissions/Terms of Use: 

Please click on the Perms button above and read everything before doing anything with my mod or my mod's assets. This includes, but is not limited to: using my mod in videos, uploading my mod to other websites, porting my mod for other games, translating my mod, selling my mod or my mod's assets, using my mod or my mod's assets with monetization enabled, and/or using my mod's assets in another mod.