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Helmets and Armours

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Afro's Witcher 2 Armors Collection

TH3WICK3D1, lord0fwar - conversions
StudioCD Projekt RED - creator of armors
redxavier - helmets pack
Afrotoast42/ArwingXL - assembler of collection, updater of esp forms to post-final-update skyrim, builder of proper recipes, fixer of typos, manager of prices

Lordofwar is gone due to bethnet harassment, and redxavier hasn't modded since 2012. 

Since I have always been a long subscriber to Lordofwar's old witcher 2 armor pack, I am deciding to take it off of one of my backup dvds, fix pricing and recipe issues, and post it back online for the public to indulge in. Also, because redxavier's and TH3WICK3D1's helmets and blue stripes armor packs were released before the last TES5 update, all of their forms are now invalid. I have cleaned and rebuilt all of its armor forms in TES5edit, recipes included, and merged them with lordofwar's cleaned mod as a clean ESP and BSA. You will find the following armors and helmets in this pack, all craftable at a forge:

Klappvisor Bascinet (Open)
Klappvisor Bascinet (Closed)
Captain's Bascinet
Chainmail Helmet
Steel Helm
Steel Pot Helm
Sallet Helm (Open)
Sallet Helm (Closed)
Helm of the Flaming Rose
NilfGuardian Winged Helmet
NilfGuardian Helm
Horned Bascinet
Heavy Plate Helm (Open)
Heavy Plate Helm (Closed)
Barbute Helm

Aedirnian Heavy Plate Boots
Viper Assassin Set
Blue Stripes Elite Set
Blue Stripes Commando Set (Heavy/Light)
Letho's Set
Geralt's Set
Seltkirk's Set
La Valette Heave Plate Set
King Slayer's Outfit (Letho)
Scoia'tael Commando Set
Scoia'tael Captain Set
Chainmail Armor
Chainmail Cuirass
Temerian Heave Plate Set
Saskia's Armor A
Saskia's Armor B
Redanian Heavy Plate Set
Order of the Flaming Rose Set
NilfGaudian Armor A
NilfGaudian Armor B
Soldier Light Armor
Soldier Studded Armor
Soldier Heavy Armor

Simply add the ESP and BSA in the main archive to your data folder and enable the mod, and they should show up in-game via the crafting menus. If you want a fast way to distribute them into the world, use:


 before running the lootification patcher, copy this into its custom.xml file at the bottom before </lootification> in your data\skyproc patchers\lli directory:

If you wish to get ahold of the Witcher 2 Shields as well, try these mods below. Both have valid esp forms and should cause no issues in-game

Witcher 2 Shield Pack by redxavier

Medieval Heraldry Retextures by Waffenbaum