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Toasty Fresh

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Toasty Fresh

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Adds a full suit of Gothic Plate Armor

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a full suit of plate armor. Can be crafted with the Advanced Armors perk (or equivalent perk with overhauls) or a set can be stolen from the Castle Dour barracks in Solitude. Includes both armet and sallet helmets, with plumed options for both.

In future updates I hope to add a surcoat version which will be distributed to city guards across all holds.

To install, drag into your data folder and activate the .esp.

Known issues;
-Other boots will clip with the leg mesh. This is due to how the model was modeled.
-Plume will sometimes look strange in certain lighting conditions.
-Long beards will clip through the sallet, not fixable AFAIK.
-Helmets are not compatible with beast races. Either don't use them or use another mod to hide helmets. Might address this in a future update.

Almost all credit is certainly due to CD Projekt Red. Their allowing modders to use their assets is highly commendable and appreciated.

Since the meshes are by CDPR, you can use this for whatever you want (following the guidelines posted here) and it is not necessary to ask me permission.
However if you use it in a mod I wouldn't mind credit for my rigging work, and a message letting me know what it's been used for.