Witcher 2 Style Dawnguard and Standard Heavy Plate by Baraban
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Added: 17/08/2012 - 07:47PM
Updated: 04/06/2015 - 06:18PM

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Last updated at 18:18, 4 Jun 2015 Uploaded at 19:47, 17 Aug 2012

This is a mesh and texture edit of L0rdOfWar's excellent Witcher 2 Heavy Plate armours and includes two sets in seperate esp files, one for the Dawnguard faction and another more 'generic' set of Steel Plate.

Version 1.01

*** Before updating to a new version please uninstall and remove older files completely before installing the new ones to avoid any crashes and/or anomalies... You have been warned!! ***

* Fixed bare wrists clipping with male and female first person meshes.
* Reduced the clipping and bleed-through for female characters using their bare feet.

* Added Female meshes to both armour sets.
* Adjusted the visor on the open-faced Sallet to make it fit better with the eye level of both male and female characters.

* Fixed Cuirass ground meshes.
* Added two variants of the Sallet, one without a bevor for the humanoid races to allow for beards 'etc', and another which competely covers and obscures the face with a bevor and a narrowed eye-slit; which can be used by the beast races.
* Added the Steel Helms pack which includes an Armet and Hounskull Bascinet.
* Added Nifskope friendly meshes for those who wish to edit/change the textures.
* Streamlined the textures used by each file to make it more efficient and reduce the overall file size.

With 0.80 & 0.81
* Added both armour sets as standalone, but left the option to use the Generic Steel Plate as a replacer for the Vanilla Steel Plate by adding an optional esp file in a seperate folder.
* Textures and normal maps have been edited to give both armour sets a more 'worn' appearance.
* Removed the Witcher 2 faction emblems and plate neck defence (I might add a seperate version with the neck defence added back in again in future).
* Fixed some minor issues with helm width, tasset and knee rigging.

All ESP files are completely independent from each other, so players can opt to have either of the armour sets active or disabled at any time.

The Generic Steel Plate and Steel Helmets can be crafted at any forge provided you have the materials, but to get the Dawnguard Steel Plate set, you'll need to have the Dawnguard expansion installed and then buy them from Gunmar at the Fort; once he's been recruited that is.... Or alternatively you can just cheat and spawn them in via the console menu.

There's also some optional files available in the files section, including a new shield and a simple retexture that replaces the brown padded collar on the Generic Steel Plate with steel mail instead, which makes it look better when used with some of the additional helms available.

You can see this armour in action thanks to an excellent Youtube video posted by LiveStyleGaming as part of his 'Skyrim Mod of the Day' series:-

Many thanks to the creators of Witcher 2 and to LordOfWar for his excellent work in porting over the base meshes and textures into Skyrim..... His work can be found here via the link below:-

Archangel2k (Brendan Rogers) for the Armet and Hounskull base meshes.

Redxavier for his work in porting over the Witcher 2 Heater Shield - His Witcher 2 Shield pack can be found here:-

And thanks again to all the great feedback and suggestions I've had from members of this community over the past year.