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Adds a stand alone set of lore-friendly Heavy Armor to the game, with all the fixings. Get ready to slay in style - the Nordic way!

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by Omesean


** Fur Hoods HD by Northborn is REQUIRED in order to properly display hood textures **



!! UPDATE 1 !!

! Light armor versions added !



"Those who were chosen on the fields of the slain were called in Asgard the Einherjar. For them Odin made ready a great Hall. Valhalla, the Hall of the Slain, it was called. Five hundred and forty doors had Valhalla, and out of each door eight hundred Champions might pass. Every day the Champions put on their armor and took their weapons down from the walls, and went forth and battled with each other. All who were wounded were made whole again, and in peace and goodly fellowship they sat down to the feast that Odin prepared for them. Odin himself sat with his Champions, drinking wine but eating no meat."
The Children of Odin part III - The Witch's Head: 4, the Valkyrie - Padraic Colum


This mod adds a fully standalone set of lore-friendly Heavy & Light Armor with 8 variants to the game (currently male only). It is craftable through the "Advanced Armor Smithing" perk, or for the lazier amongst you, can be obtained from a chest near the bar in the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood

Variants are as follows:

1. Einherjar Armor - Standard Edition, features a dark accent and various trophies
2. Einherjar Armor - True Nord Edition, features a lighter accent and a unique necklace with trinkets generously donated by the Thalmor
3. Einherjar Armor - Standard Edition, bones sold separately
4. Einherjar Armor - True Nord Edition, not a bone in sight
5. Einherjar Armor - Standard edition, light armor version
6. Einherjar Armor - True Nord edition, light armor version
7. Einherjar Armor - Standard edition, light & boneless version
8. Einherjar Armor - True Nord edition, light & boneless version



NMM: Under "Mods" tab, select "Add Mod from File", active, done - easy as pie :)

Manual: Drag and drop the "Data" folder into your Skyrim directory where "TESV.exe" is located, merge when prompted, then activate the .esp via either the launcher or NMM



You're going to need Fur Hoods HD by Northborn to make sure all textures display properly; get it here

Not a requirement per sé, but as this armor utilizes vanilla assests, it should benefit from whatever texture replacing mods you may or may not be running



Incompatible with "tartan stormcloaks". The textures cause a "black sleeve issue". Use the vanilla ones instead.


Future Plans

- Female support (still too much of a WIP to be released right now; that being said, equipping this armor as a female character is fully possible, it will simply equip the male version, resulting in a really weird and bulky looking lady)

- Rextexture the gold chain to match the new brooches

- High resolution fur pieces

- Additional differentiation between the four main versions

- More customizeability with individual pieces (A.K.A. the "Tailor Maid" approach)



v1.1: Light armor versions added. Modified esp.
v1.0: First release. Rejoice!



Permission is granted after approval to edit, enhance or otherwise improve upon the models located in this download; all I ask for in return are some proper credits

You may not, however, upload such edited files to any domain outside of or the Steam Workshop

Full permission is granted to incorporate the unedited files into a larger mod project (overhauls, leveled lists, etc.); once again, proper credits are required

You may not, in any case, redistribute an unmodified version of this mod to any other site




Namaste911, for his incredible texture work, that took my armor to a whole new level of awesomeness!

Natterforme, for the inspiration his images offered me and his invaluable beta testing

CallMeIshmael, for his valuable criticism, sharp eyes, awesome beta testing and screenshots

Northborn, for the work of art that is Fur Hoods HD

sin7188, for the inspiration his mod offered, and the experience fooling around with different pieces of armor I got from it

Tom Waits, for his awesome music, which carried me through this whole project xb

Bethesda, for being Bethesda, a whole new level of awesomeness!

Tools used: Blender, NifSkope, GIMP

Comments, questions, quips, concerns? Take it to the "Comments" section!
- Omesean