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Shields of Skyrim adds 16 whole new lore friendly shields to the world of Skyrim. More to come!

Permissions and credits

Shields of Skyrim is a mod that attempts to add a large amount of shields to Skyrim
that fit in with the general feel and ambiance of the game.

This is also my first mod. Bear with me.

Expect more stuff in later versions. This version is just to get my basic ideas
off my chest. The basic version only includes recipes for crafting and tempering. Have to make the shields yourself. The Levelled Lists version includes that as well as integration for merchants, bandits, falmer, dwemer, and loot!

All the shields except for the Imperial, Dwarven, and Dragon ones can be made without any perks. The Imperial Shields require Steel Smithing, the Dwarven requires Dwarven Smithing, and the Dragon Skull requires Dragon Smithing.

Also, if you download, PLEASE ENDORSE. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside
and encourages me to keep going.

I encourage you to use these in your own mods and projects! Please try to include a link back to here if these are used in another mod!

v1.01 - Added Levelled List Support
v1.10 - Added 2 New Shields
v1.11 - Added Levelled Support for 2 New Shields
v1.20 - Added 2 New Nordic Shields
v1.21 - Added Levelled Support for the Nordic Shields

Mammoth Skull Shield
Armor: 38
Weight: 22
Value: 290

Plank Buckler
Armor: 6
Weight: 1
Value: 10

Plank Shield
Armor: 11
Weight: 2
Value: 15

Banded Iron Targe
Armor: 30
Weight: 15
Value: 135

Banded Wooden Shield
Armor: 20
Weight: 10
Value: 55

Iron Buster Shield
Armor: 28
Weight: 16
Value: 120

Iron Targe
Armor: 26
Weight: 14
Value: 80

Studded Wooden Shield
Armor: 17
Weight: 3
Value: 20

Imperial Light Shield
(Crafting Recipe)
Armor: 21
Weight: 4
Value: 40

Dragon Skull Shield
Armor: 42
Weight: 22
Value: 580

Reinforced Imperial Light Shield
Armor: 26
Weight: 8
Value: 75

Reinforced Imperial Shield
Armor: 27
Weight: 18
Value: 100

Hunstman Shield
Armor: 12
Weight: 9
Value: 140

Glowshroom Shield
Armor: 33
Weight: 7
Value: 420

Dwarven Light Shield
Armor: 30
Weight: 10
Value: 250

Nordic Shield
Armor: 18
Weight: 4
Value: 25

Reinforced Nordic Shield
Armor: 20
Weight: 7
Value: 75

All shields included in the mod are only accesible through smithing and can not be found
in the game world.

Levelled Lists:
Exactly the same as the original, except with added integration to the levelled lists.
This will obviously conflict with other mods that modify shield level lists.

All shields can be found wielded and sold by NPC's except for the Dragon Skull and Light Dwarven
Shields. The Glowshroom Shield will not be found sold by NPC's but will be found wielded
by some Falmer.

They are both self contained and the levelled list version DOES NOT require the original to function

Just throw it all into your Skyrim/Data file location.
Make sure to enable it!

Otter for giving me the ideas for the Nordic Shields. Thanks!
Bethesda for Skyrim and the whole TES series.
Autodesk for creating 3DS Max.
The Nifskope Team for making model editing even easier.
The guys behind for allowing me to edit images for free.
And my buddy Technomancer for compaining about anything and everything to make
sure I didn't look like a total fool. Couldn't have done it without ya.